Gomez have announced details of a forth-coming compilation CD.

'5 Men In A Hut', is released on September 25, and will feature all the band's A-sides, as well as B-sides.

As usual with these albums there will be un-released material, in this case two tracks, 'Old China' and 'Diskloadout' .

The band are set to play next weekend's V Festival. With a best of on the way expect a first class set from one of the UK's finest bands.

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The tracklist is:


'Whipping Piccadilly'
'The Best In Town'
'Catch Me Up'
'Ping One Down'
'Bring It On'
'Champagne For Monkeys'
'Step Inside'
'Pop Juice'
'78 Stone Wobble'
'Old School Shirt'
'Air Hostess Song'
'Sweet Virginia'
'Mississippi Bo Weevil Blues'
'Old China'


'Rhythm And Blues Alibi'
'Get Myself Arrested'
'Dire Tribe'
'We Haven't Turned Around'
'Shot Shot'
'Pick Up The Pieces'
'Big Man'
'Sound Of Sounds'