So it seems there was more to the CTC absence from last week's Camden Crawl than meets the eye as they've decided to call it a day.

The band withdrew from the Crawl sighting exhaustion after four months on the road promoting their new material and, despite releasing one of the album's of 2007 (granted in my opinion and not necessarily reflected in chart positions), Cooper Temple Clause have gone their separate ways after Fisher decided to leave last week.

"In the wake of this decision the rest of the boys agreed to call it a day and pursue other interests," he said. "Friendships are well and truly intact and the love very much remains within the camp."

He went on to thank the band's fans for what he describes as their "unswerving loyalty and dedication."

The band released three albums, including 2007's
'Make This Your Own'.

In 2005 original bassist Didz Hammond quit the band to join Dirty Pretty Things, and after a difficult battle to see them released from then label Sony BMG, the band found a new home on Sanctuary. It seemed TCTC were ready to take on the world once again and Room Thirteen found Ben in positive mood last October,
read the interview.

You can also read a review of what looks to have been the band's final tour
herewith our coverage of their Shepherd's Bush Empire gig.

There is no word as yet as to what they plan to do now.