Darren Hayes is best known for his part in the hugely popular duo Savage Garden, whose international hit singles include 'I Want You', 'To The Moon And Back', 'Truly Madly Deeply' and 'The Animal Song'. Since the break up, he has released two solo albums selling over a million copies worldwide. His first, 'Spin' in 2002, carried on in the same musical vein as Savage Garden, with a little soft rock, a little pop and a more edgy R&B vibe. His second solo album, 'The Tension And The Spark' marked a bold change of direction. The tracks produced were more electronic, with acoustic instruments buried deep under sequenced sounds. Although artistically this was a huge step forward and earned Hayes the strongest praise of his career, it seemed to alienate a portion of his audience who were expecting another album of friendly pop songs.

After being away for nearly three years, Hayes makes a welcomed return with what could be his best solo album to date, 'This Delicate Thing We've Made'. Where the first album was pop with a tad R&B, and the second more elecro, this album combines the two to get even better. By the sounds of it, there are ballads, pop tracks and some very interesting experiments with instruments, especially keys. A lot has changed since the days of Savage Garden; Hayes has been divorced, and now entered into a civil partnership with his boyfriend, much of his music has an electronic/techno sound to it. All of this has more than been inspiration to proved some new and exciting tracks to complete this double disc release. The album is set for release August 20th 2007 on his very own record label 'Powdered Sugar'.

If you want a taster of what's to come, Hayes is currently previewing selected songs from the album in exclusive gigs around the world: including one or two in London so WATCH OUT! Read a review of Hayes' London showcase here.