It has been announced that rhythm guitarist Rune Rebelion has left Turbonegro.

A statement reads:

After 19 years in the service, time has come to announce that I will be retiring from Turbonegro, playing my last concert with the band Saturday 27th October at Folken in Stavanger. The decision was made this Summer, realizing I hadn't had time off at all from work or touring for three years. I will continue to be involved with the band on the management side of things, as well as running Turbonegro's record label Scandinavian Leather Recordings. This will also give me time to put more effort into my day job at Universal, where I now have been given the opportunity to set up my own label.

Leaving on a high note in the band's career, on the back of a very successful US-tour and even having a full on biography out in Norway, I would like to thank everybody we worked with through the years and made all of this possible. Special thanks to my band mates of course, for sharing the music and the best years of my life.

And last but not least, a big hug to Turbojugends everywhere, you're the best fans in the world!