Within Temptation won the category 'Best Dutch & Belgian Act' at the MTV
European Music Awards on Thursday night (November 1).

A special CD/DVD edition of 'The Heart Of Everything' album has been announced. The package includes an additional four tracks, five music videos, and a DVD of nine songs recorded live at the Shibuya Ax in Tokyo on July 4, 2007.

The special edition includes the hard-hitting current UK single 'Frozen', which tackles the subject of abuse within the family. When released in Europe earlier this year, the band decided to donate their profits from the single to Child Helpline International, a global charity of help lines working in over 150 countries.

Vocalist Sharon den Adel explains: "We decided to raise this topic because it's still not discussed enough in public. The victims of abuse can suffer their whole life. Abuse and violence often take place within the closed net of the family and therefore, abused children are hesitant
to disclose their abuser as they can feel threatened by this person. In addition they may feel guilty about accusing a family member. Since becoming parents we have become much more aware of the subject. If you imagine for only one second this could happen to your own child, you
start losing your mind. We learned when writing the lyrics to 'Frozen' and then later filming the video how difficult it is to talk openly about this subject.

"When the 'Frozen' video was shown for the first time on YouTube, it was viewed by more than 50,000 people within a few days thus becoming one of
the most viewed music videos on the website. That showed us how important it was for many people that we made a video about this issue. In the period our video is set the mother saw no other way out for her and her child than to poison her husband. That's of course not what we would suggest to anyone today. Today there are organizations that help
abused families. The only way however to stop abuse, is to break the silence and talk about it. It is still a tough decision for someone to overcome their fear and ask for help. But we would like to encourage those people to seek outside help and others who see evidence of abuse
not to remain silent. There are telephone help lines where you can remain anonymous and still get help. That's why we decided to support Child Helpline International."

'Frozen' is out in the UK on November 26.

The same week the band will play the following shows:

27, London Brixton Academy
28, Birmingham Academy
29, Manchester Academy
30, Glasgow Barrowlands