Pitchshifter drummer Jason Bowld and Hundred Reasons vocalist Colin Doran formed a new group They Fell From The Sky earlier this year, now they're ready to showcase the material by giving away first single, 'Crush This World' for free!
Take them up on their offer here:

Jason says of the band: "This is not a vanity project, it's a band of highly creative individuals wanting to create something that has substance and believe it or not, songs. Anyone who knows our history, is going to fucking love TFFTS."

Alongside the two founding members the live band features Snuff bass player Lee Erinmez and guitarists Dave Draper and Oly Edkins.
Catch them live on the following dates:
October 17th - Southampton Uni (supporting Skindred)
November 6th - Birmingham N.E.C. - headlining Music Live
December 4th - Marrs Bar Worcester