Gratitude are set to release their self-titled debut album, Gratitude, on March 7 through Atlantic Records. Gratitude is the band founded by former Far frontman Jonah Matranga and ex-Crumb guitarist Mark Weinberg, and the result is a 12-track set filled with timeless rock and a batch of delicious hooks.

Though the band has only been together since early 2003, the story of
Gratitude actually begins back in 1992, when Far and Crumb played a
college music festival in Southern California. Matranga and Weinberg were introduced backstage by mutual friend and singer/songwriter Matt
Nathanson. The two musicians continued to run in the same circles over the next several years, touring together with their respective bands as well as contributing to each other's subsequent projects, including Matranga's onelinedrawing and Weinberg's Softer and The Collision. In early 2003, on a whim, they began to write together. The songs poured out of them, and they quickly realized that they had stumbled onto something special. Just a few months later Matranga and Weinberg were invited to New York to perform their first four songs for Atlantic executives. Gratitude was verbally signed on the spot.

From the soaring pop-driven rock of 'Drive Away' and 'This Is The Part' to the deep grooves of 'All In A Row' and 'Feel Alright' to the beautiful ballads 'Someone To Love' and 'If Ever', Gratitude deftly toes the line between classic rock (think U2 and Zeppelin) and modern-rockers such as Radiohead and Jimmy Eat World.

Powered by thick guitars, infectious rhythms and undeniably catchy
choruses and verses, it's not hard to imagine Gratitude blaring out of car stereos across the country. Rounded out by bassist Bob Lindsey, guitarist Jeremy Tappero and drummer Dave Jarnstrom, the band is ready to take its music to the masses.

'I truly think this is a band for everyone,' says Matranga. 'At our shows, I want to see mullets and horn-rimmed glasses and mohawks. We didn't set out to make a band for everyone - I just think it is.'