Guillemots have confirmed details of their upcoming third album.

Following the Mercury Music Prize nominated 'Through the Windowpane' and 2008's 'Red, their latest LP, 'Walk the River' is set for release on April 18 through Geffen Records.

Speaking of the album's recording process, frontman Fyfe Dangerfield has said: "The songs had to sound as if they were being heard through the night sky, sleepwalking their way onto tape. But they also needed to survive on a piano or acoustic guitar, and still grip you, still have a rawness and directness that would move you without relying on the arrangements. So it was all about trying to attain this wonky balance of sharpness and blurriness. We wanted to make a record that would completely surround you as you listened to it, fill you with warmth."

The album's tracklisting has been confirmed as follows:

1. Walk The River
2. Vermillion
3. I Don't Feel Amazing Now
4. Ice Room
5. Tigers
6. Inside
7. I Must Be A Lover
8. Slow Train
9. Sometimes I Remember Wrong
10. The Basket
11. Dancing In The Devil's Shoes
12. Yesterday Is Dead