In March this year Japan was hit by a life changing series of earthquakes and a devastating tsunami affecting many.

Engineer Records has put together this record in an effort to help the many children made homeless in Japan through this disaster.

The album features The Gaslight Anthem, Funeral For A Friend, Moneen and Fightstar, as well as many other artists, and includes many exclusive tracks that won't have been heard before and which have been produced solely for this compilation.

The Unity download will be available as a set of 25 tracks and for a small donation you get the whole album.

Initially, it will be available from Bandcamp on September 11th 2011 and 100 percent of the proceeds raised from donations will go to the charity. At a later date it will then also be available from iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Listen to the album from the Engineer Records bandcamp.

The album tracklist is:
1, Freeze The Atlantic 'The Alibi'
2, Fightstar 'Colours Bleed To Red'
3, Maycomb 'Whatever Happened, Happened'
4, The Gaslight Anthem 'Our Father's Sons' ('08 Demo exclusive)
5, In Bloom 'You Sew Me Up'
6, Brian Southall & Craig Cirinelli 'Losing My Religion' (exclusive)
7, The Morning Of 'Tell Me I'm Wrong'
8, Paige 'Young Summer'
9, Call Off The Search 'Second Best'
10, Kyoto Drive 'Chapters'
11, Funeral For A Friend 'Sixteen' (Acoustic)
12, The Lion And The Wolf 'The Lion And The Wolf'
13, Mikee J Reds 'Don't Know When' (exclusive)
14, Moneen 'The Day No One Need To Know (Early Acoustic Version exclusive)
15, Her Only Presence 'Goodnight'
16, The Cameo In 'Stumble Home Thursday'
17, Luke Pickett 'We All Wear Crowns' (exclusive)
18, Nathaniel Sutton 'Shades Of Neon' (exclusive)
19, Remember Paris 'Run Something Terrible'
20, Dan Coutant 'Fail'
21, Ben Parcell 'The Only One'
22, Ramona 'Kids In Tokyo'
23, The Satellite Year 'Jelly, Jelly, How To Survive Such A Trip'
24, Archie's, Come Back 'After The White Star Disappears' (exclusive)
25, The Ocean As Mistress 'Virga'

Proceeds will go to Save the Children's Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami appeal (