With a host of big names already sitting nicely on the line-up including headliners Metallica, Iron Maiden and The Prodigy, as well as exclusive performances from Deftones and Limp Bizkit, the Sonisphere camp have today announced a further 16 additions to the ever-growing line up.

Full list of new additions:

Wilko Johnson
Electric Wizard
Dog Eat Dog (Playing All Boro Kings)
Black Spiders
Brutality Will Prevail
Raging Speedhorn
Reckless Love
Stampin' Ground
The Defiled
The Hell
The Hype Theory
The Safety Fire

 photo unnamed14_zpsd7569ac7.jpg

Many of the bands announced today have commented being part of a line-up in such a historical venue.


"Anti-Flag is always searching out new places to play. Especially now, at 20 years of being a band. Knebworth is historic and an honour and a privilege for our band to perform at. Sonisphere is a new forum for us to discuss that we are a band that stands against racism, sexism, homophobia and cynicism. It is an opportunity we do not tread lightly upon."

Brutality Will Prevail:

"Well, with that lineup we were going anyway.... Now we just need to bring our gear - stoked to be playing this year's Sonisphere!"

James Monteith of Tesseract:

"Words cannot express how excited we are to be playing Sonisphere and be a part of its triumphant return this year. Sonisphere 2011 was probably one of the most memorable gigs we have ever played, so to be asked back is not just a huge honour, it's one of the shows we're most excited about playing this year. And then there are the other bands on the bill: We're of course very proud to be on a bill with the likes of Maiden and The Prodigy, and hanging out with our touring buddies Karnivool and Devin Townsend Project will be a lot of fun, but knowing that we'll be in the presence of Chas and Dave is just mind blowing. CAN'T WAIT!!! "

The Defiled:

"Now that's what I'm taaaaaaalllllllking abouuuuuuuuttttt!!!! We've played at Knebworth every year that there's been a Sonisphere in the various tents but this - THIS IS THE SHIT! To be invited to be the first band of the festival to play on the main stage is a huge honour and we can't wait. We've always had big plans and big ideas about what we want to do on stage, but have often been restricted by the size of the venues we're in. Well it don't get bigger than this, and we are going to give Sonisphere one hell of a show to remember. This is the stage that Rammstein did their first outdoor show in the UK, so hopefully I will finally be allowed to set my keyboard on fire!"

So there you have it, another exciting announcement for Sonisphere 2014. For more information and links to tickets visit www.sonisphere.co.uk