Beehoover's tour following the release of their fourth sludge fuelled release The Devil And His Footmen kicks off on Friday in London, and they're bringing a whole host of awesome support bands with them.

Full list of dates:

21st March - London - Black Heart (with Ghoud, Henry Blacker & Bloody Mammals)
22nd March - Cardiff - Moon Club (with Thorun, We Are Romans & Haast's Eagled
23rd March - Bristol - Mothers Ruin
24th March - Plymouth - Tiki Bar (with Death Parish & Monolithian)
25th March - Oxford - The Wheatsheaf (with Undersmile & Caravan Of Whores)
26th March - Salford - The Eagle Inn (with Mask Of Bees & The Senton Bombs
27th March - Edinburgh - Banshee Labyrinth (with Lords Of Bastard & [[ Wall]]
28th March - Glasgow - 13th Note (with Lords Of Bastard & Skeleton Gong)
29th March - Birmingham - Scruffy's (with Burden Of The Noose, Monolith Cult, Goat Leaf, Grey Widow, Wolfs Head, Bong Cauldron & Sealclubber)

Commenting on the band's live prowess, their Label Manager Andreas Kohl: "I would describe my listening experience like being wrapped in plastic foil, unable to move but struck in awe facing an enormous T34, while a Stalin organ is shooting roses across the tundra, explosives that draw a dreamy coloured fireworks on the night sky...... Rhythms, riffs, beats, songs, sounds - so emotional, glowing in urgency, blasting on your senses so that you get an overdose of endorphins just from watching this monstrous mother of all concerts".

Beehoover's latest album The Devil And His Footmen is available now.