The Sonisphere line up keeps on growing as 14 Names are added to the bill. Alongside that, a new poster has revealed the stage splits, and day tickets are now on sale!

Full list of new additions:

Band Of Skulls
Gary Numan
New Model Army
The Winery Dogs
The Bronx
Sebastian Bach
Bam Margera's Fuckface Unstoppable
Anti Nowhere League
Little Matador
The Lounge Kittens

Jeff Walker from Carcass commented:

"A chance to play on the same day as IRON MAIDEN at Sonisphere? Please sign us up!.... Nevermind the fact that Bill Steer (guitar) is a BIG Chas & Dave fan- as if that wasn't enough to cement the deal already!"

The Bronx commented:

"Congratulations England. After years of angry letters and crude protests, the Bronx will finally be exposing itself at Sonisphere 2014. Take the necessary measures to ensure you don't fucking miss it. We love you. God save the Queen."

And a comment from Gallows:

"We're ripping up Sonisphere on the Sunday. Good times only, fuck the posers. New music on its way."

As mentioned, due to the huge demand, day tickets have now gone on sale. Saturday and Sunday Day Tickets are priced at 75 Quid and Friday costs 55.

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