R13: How does it feel to be part of such a big tour with two of the hottest acts on the scene at the minute?
HV: Pretty sweet! We've only been around for a few months so we couldn't really ask for a better tour, we've been friends with the Broco guys for years so it's wicked to be out on the road with them again. I think we've made some good friends in Mallory Knox too.

R13: As a British rock band do you feel like this scene is making a comeback? Or has already made a comeback?
HV: I think there are a lot of really great British bands about at the mo and we should definitely be proud of what's happening in the rock scene.

R13: How do you feel you've been received on tour so far as the opening act? It was clear in Birmingham that the crowd absolutely loved you.
HV: I think we're going down really well! Most people seem to expect opening bands to be unmemorable and don't really give them a chance, but we're getting so much good feedback from theses shows, it's awesome!

R13: Are there any shows on the tour that you're particularly looking forward to?
HV: We were really looking forward to London and it was an absolute banger! Now I think we're gearing up for Manchester, mainly because it's the biggest and the last show of tour so the vibe is gonna be great!

R13: Do you guys have any rituals on tour before or after you play?
HV: Nothing particularly interesting really, just doing warm ups and drinking 'vibe juice' as we call it, which is just booze.

R13: What made you decide to cover Outkast?
HV: It was Will's idea, it's just a memorable and quirky tune. We didn't wanna do something too serious, we always do serious and so we thought it'd be fun to do something out of our comfort zone.

R13: Do you have any more plans to cover old favourites?
HV: I don't think we'll make a habbit of doing cover songs to be honest, it is good fun but we are a serious band first and foremost and want to be perceived that way. You never know though, there's always the possibility that something will come up in the future.

R13: The new EP is excellent! When it drops in April no doubt you'll get a lot more followers, do you have any plans for an album after the EP is released?
HV: Thanks! Yeh we're writing as much as we can and plan to release a full length later in the year, no official dates yet though.

R13: Are the UK festivals gonna get some Hey Vanity love?
HV: We bloody hope so! We'd love to hit a load of all-dayers and festivals over the summer.

R13: From what I've read and heard about you guys you're music has a touch of Deftones in it. How did it feel playing in the same building as them in Birmingham?
HV: It was awesome! We went and watched some of their set after we'd played and it was so good! Incredible band.