The world of 'singles' feels totally different since the powerhouse of the internet has taken a hold of our lives, but they're still as important as ever. Whilst you definitely may not see any of these tracks populating the charts anytime soon I promise that by the time you've read this you will have checked out at least one or two of these bands, and that's the most important thing. So you wonderful RoomThirteen readers indulge yourselves, whilst this isn't the top ten, there are ten top tracks here.

The New Awakening - Killswitch Engage

Jesse's back in the band and all is very exciting over in the Killswitch Engage camp. I've never really felt there was much to distinguish the 'Jesse Era' and the 'Howard Era', because both do sound very similar, both were just great really. So continuing with that theory The New Awakening brings to you everything Killswitch have done best whilst taking the metal world by storm; brutal chugging riffs, ridiculous interchanges in tempo and unbelievable vocals. The key here is old Killswitch fans will love it, and people new to Killswitch will love it. Brilliant track and prequel to the new album.

Children Of The Rain - The Peter Ulrich Collaboration

In a complete change of pace, The Peter Ulrich Collaboration's Children Of The Rain is a tranquil, beautiful acoustic piece showcasing a vast array of different percussive instruments merging together to make a really good sound. Alongside this the vocals throughout give it this really atmospheric vibe. This is a top chill out track.

Oceans - Coasts

Oceans is a radio friendly indie single from the Bristol based five-piece band Coasts. For such a young band this is an impressive track, it's catchy and poppy tone makes it feel like it wouldn't be out of place on a compilation CD featuring bands highly regarded within their genre like Biffy Clyro and Friendly Fires. Certainly on the evidence of this track alone, Coasts show the kind of musical intelligence needed to write a hit that could become very popular and with that could end up being quite big.

Kings Of Never - Damn Vandals

First of all the sound quality on this track is very poor, which is a real shame because there is an absolute gem of a track underneath the mess. This is a proper rock tune; emotive and passionate lyrics and some brilliant guitar that evokes a reaction, with the bass and drums seam together to give it all a strong core. To give you a real feel for what the track is like, it sounds like Kings Of Never could be borne out of a Nick Cave/John Frusciante collaboration. This band have a BIG future if they continue like this.

Manelyst - Kvelertak

I challenge you to find me a Kvelertak track that isn't a shitload of fun. They just don't really know how to operate in any other fashion. Manelyst off of the new album Meir absolutely continues this trend. It's heavy, brutal and crushing but just so much fun at the same time. This track will make you want to immediately run around and punch the air in joy. This band are definitely going from strength to strength at the moment, in what feels like a relatively short amount of time, and if they release more tracks like this, then the ever growing fan-base will become massive.

Crucial Velocity - Clutch

If you haven't yet heard Clutch's new album Earth Rocker, which dropped a few weeks ago, then honestly you're missing out. If you need a small sample of what it entails then the riff-mania that is this second single Crucial Velocity is a perfect preview. The riffs and vocals end up making this track so addictive, you won't be able to just listen to this once and forget about it, it will stick in your head for hours if not days. The alternating change of pace throughout is also brilliant, as the catchy bass and drums just brews up and explodes into this wall of sound that engulfs your senses. Cannot recommend this highly enough.

21 - Showbizheroes

21 is an atmospheric and dark track from a band with a real intelligence in their song writing. The vocals are very impressive but it's the different hooks and interchanges in the music which makes this so good. The slow build up to the epic conclusion feels like some of the later, slightly sludgier Arctic Monkey's material. Impressive track from a band with an imminently bright future.

Love Like - Valentiine

Valentiine are an all-girl three piece band who exude an attitude that flourished during the nineties grunge era. The heavy, ragged riffs carry real shades of Smashing Pumpkins and Hole and alongside many of the tracks so far on this list, it's all just so catchy. The music business heavily needs more artists who deliver a far ballsier attitude and even from this track alone it feels like Valentiine have that edge. Powerful grunge fuelled music.

Skull Beneath The Skin - Mike Marlin

Skull Beneath The Skin is another sinister and deep portal into the world of Mike Marlin. The track begins slowly; with Marlin showing off his best Nick Cave impression as it slowly builds and builds to the point of explosion at the end. Good, interesting song-writing.

Death Toll - While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps are a band well and truly on the rise in the Metal scene. In Death Toll the band blend so many elements together, the groove-laden riffs, the screamy hardcore vocals and the heavy as shit breakdowns, all doing their best to get you suitably pumped up. Admittedly I've not heard a lot from this band, but Death Toll has a bit of an industrial vibe going on, the main riff feeling like it has been ripped out of a Fear Factory song.