Another month another batch of singles - a mixed bunch as usual with some diamonds in the rough.

Alison Moyet - When I Was Your Girl
It's quite a feat for someone's career to begin in 1982 and still be going in 2013! Still Alison Moyet proves it is possible. When I Was Your Girl is taken from her 8th studio album The Minutes and starts with a catchy piano medley joined almost instantly by Moyet's unique voice hitting every note perfectly. The song builds to a dramatic chorus which stays in your brain for hours on end and will only be released once you listen to it again. The track has been co written by Guy Sigsworth (also behind artists such as Madonna and Britney Spears) and lyrically and melodically it bodes well for the new album to come.

Cleavers - Give Up
Cleavers are doing what a lot of bands are doing now, alternative nu metal but with a manic streak honed to perfection. The vocals are controlled extremely well and musically its reminiscent of Less Than Jake. The rhythm behind Give Up is awesome, fast paced beats all the way through, supporting the vocalist well. The chorus is catchy, edgy (with a Ramoes twist) and one that a lot of people could fall in love with. After I listened to this song I gave a sigh of relief, not because it had ended but because it was good ol' fashioned rock and punk music - Cleavers are a well crafted band with a solid foundation - I see them going far.

Freds House - Fine Life
Fred's House' debut single Fine Life is an uninspired piece of music, the rhythm behind it is well rehearsed and chorded but the mundane lyrics lack depth and inspiration and really let the song down. The chorus has some potential but not enough to salvage the song. Both vocalists are extremely talented and contrast against each other really well. The song just needed something extra to make it sparkle.

Glass City Vice - Have to Say
Have to Say is the latest effort from rising Brighton stars Glass City Vice. A spectacular British song about a certain individual questioning change.
An addictive riff starts things off in a classic style backed up by vocals reminiscent of Don Broco. The drums assist the riff perfectly in a beautiful symphony of sound. The chorus allows the song to come into it's own and kick it into a true rock rhythm.

Horse Party- Back to Mono
I can just picture Horse Party playing this song in a studio and just looking bored because that's exactly how I feel when I listen to it. This song shows nothing creative from this Suffolk Trio. Their music is described as 'Alt Blues' but even the blues is supposed to get your feet tapping and fingers clicking, this is just dull. Back to Mono is disappointing - just one slow beat and a standard verse, chorus, verse formula, which would be okay if the beat changed a little bit. It all feels a bit flat and lacking emotional punch.

Isolated Atoms - Hold On
Isolated Atoms are a rock band from Dudely who have taken influence from U2 and Kings of Leon, their debut single Hold On is an instant anthem that could be sung all summer long with it's catchy lyrics, brilliant vocal work and addictive rhythm through out. Front man Grant has rough rock and roll vocal style which makes a refreshing change from the radio friendly world of auto tune and boy bands. These boys are slowly but surely taking on the music world and winning. I expect big things in their future.

Olympians - Filling My Heart With Weird Dreams
Olympians will go far! Mainly because they sound like every other indie band on the table at the minute, this is repetitive and mundane with a plain vocal over the top. By the end of the song nothing has changed, there has been no shift in the dynamic and we are where we started.

Pigeon Detectives - Won't Come Back
Remember when Pigeon Detectives were the next big thing? Yeah, shame they didn't quite make it. Fair play to them they've had a good run so far but they could have been much bigger. Their latest single Won't Come Back shows little change in their musical style but why mess with a formula that clearly works. The Pigeon Detectives were always good at making good dancy, tap your foot indie music and that is what I love about them. This song is fantastic, The Pigeon Detectives are back and I for one could not be happier with their upbeat indie music that gets everyone grooving to the beat, what else could you possibly ask for?

Screama Balerina - Animal
With a funky, Melodic, slightly Muse esque punk rock start up this band have already got my full attention and then the beat that follows is simply incredible. Their front woman proves that not every female fronted band needs to sound like Paramore. The rhythm all the way through ANIMAL is incredibly catchy and memorable and the build up at the end with the words 'I am an Animal' repeated over and over doesn't even get boring, it just sounds like rock! True punk rock is what this band are! This is what should be on the radio, not all this same sounding crap that pollutes our airwaves.

These Reigning Days
How refreshing to have an 'indie' band that doesn't sound like every other Zane Lowe suggested tripe out there on the radio stations at the minute. by These Reigning Days has got a fun energy about it that is communicated through the incredible instrument work, and the vocals are something reminiscent of Editors meets Interpol. That'll do for me.
Too Late is what indie music has sadly forgotten how to do, be original. The chorus will find it's way into your head and dig and dig until you're singing it in your sleep.

Yes Sir Boss- Mrs #1
Mrs #1 is an exciting upbeat song from new guys on the block Yes Sir Boss with well renound soul singer Joss Stone along for the ride. Not surprising as they're on her record label. This has all the elements you need to make a fun addictive song for everyone to enjoy. The guitar work sounds a lot like Frank Turner and the singing from lead vocalist Matt is exceptionally unique. Not usually being a fan of Joss Stone I was skeptical of the duet that was coming up on the song but the two voices go together like a perfect puzzle.