It is that time again to delve in and see what singles are being released this month...

Carousels and Limousines - 71's
The debut single to come from Bath based Carousels and Limousines is the pop rock number 71's. Bringing back good old rock n' roll at its heart, this song has it all. There are some brilliant guitar riffs focusing your attention and the wonderful husky vocal from the lead singer just tops things off; this combination makes this a memorable track. The album Home To Andy's is out in a few weeks and after hearing this track, it can't be missed.

The Undivided - Panic
Taken from the mini album Safety, South Wales band The Undivided release new indie rock single Panic. This tune is fairly upbeat as the guitars rhythmically roll along, but considering the "don't panic, don't panic I'm still here for you" line, you would expect something a little more urgent. There just doesn't seem to be enough oomph in this tune to fully reach its full potential.

Alien Ant Farm - Let Em' Know
It has been a while since alternative rockers Alien Ant Farm graced us with their cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal but after a hiatus, they return with a new single and album, the band's first album of new material in 5 years. Let Em' Know will deliver quite a punch. It is slick, rumbles along with pulsating rugged guitar rhythms and has a chorus that you can't help but be grasped by and sing along yelling the line Let Em' Know at the top of your lungs. Let Em' Know is the perfect welcome back tune!

Darling Boy - Oh Roisin!
This multi-instrumentalist seems to have his hands full playing guitar, piano, ukulele, drums, bass among countless others, but the hard work and dedication to the craft certainly pays off. Oh Roisin! is the bopping single that you can't help but get your toes tapping too and your hands clapping to. Darling Boy makes for a refreshing breath of fresh air with this track.

Scanners - Control
With the third album from London-based Scanners set for release very soon, the new single Control gives an idea of what to expect. It has an electronic synth-heavy foundation, which is layered with claps and placid vocal harmonies. At four minutes long there is nothing that stands out and to be honest, not moments of great power or energy, no stand out guitars, vocals or in this case harmonies or electronics - this is unfortunately one of those songs that is forgotten as soon as it finishes.

RIOT|NOISE - Guidance
Bristol rockers RIOT|NOISE release new single Guidance and it is a storm of hard hitting guitar hooks. Once you slice through the tough exterior you are introduced to an even greater amount of heavier rhythms and likeability. This is the type of track that you hear once and instantly want to seek out more from the band. This is the first single from the upcoming debut album Stand For Something and as is available as a free download from BandCamp. If this single is anything to go by the album is going to be huge!

The Loose Hearts - Behind Your Eyes
The new single from Liverpool based band The Loose Hearts is Behind Your Eyes. This track is infused with indie vibes through the use of a gentle ping of guitars and has a placid vocal and it is as simple as that. There is nothing else that is particularly stand out on this song, nothing that demands attention to be heard and remembered. Although things begin to heat up midway, by this point it is too late to really get into the song.

Dead Sea Souls - Brave / The Comet
Dead Sea Souls release a double A side single with Brave and The Comet. Offered up are two differing tunes. The first opens quite peacefully, gentle pings of guitar but continues on to build and become quite an upbeat indie pop tune that demonstrates some good backing harmonies at one point. The latter is a punchier tune that is more melodic and has a disco funk in its guitar riffs. Both tracks are quite catchy but the latter is a little more memorable.

Quimper - Soft Bodies
The single Soft Bodies by Quimper may have an eerie, otherworldly type sound to it, but frankly that is all it has going for it and only for the first thirty seconds or so. After this point things get dull and tiresome, as there is just a repeated backing melody, if it can be called that, and a faint and hazy vocal that is hard to fully comprehend. Regrettably this melody sounds like something a child could create on a toy keyboard.

BornBroken - Anger of the Day
Canadian death thrashers BoneBroken release new single Anger of the Day with enough energy and drum beatings to power a street. Crash Bang Wallop in the form of loud drumming and pulsating guitars add to this a load of screaming lyrics and when everything comes together you get a true metal infused tune that demands attention and will undoubtedly gain it.

Boomin - Original Junkie
Taken from the album of the same name, Original Junkie is the new single from pop punk trio Boomin. This four minute long power pop blast of melody is blooming with infectious guitar riffs and a sing-a-long chorus that you'll not be forgetting in a hurry. The backing harmonies of the chorus in particular have such power that you can almost visualise large crowds swaying along and the small guitar solo just confirms this strength. If this track is anything to go by, these lads have great things ahead.

Gentleman's Dub Club - Riot
Riot is the new single to come from nine piece (!) band, Gentleman's Dub Club and what a single it is. This five a half minute long piece of music begins life as a mellow tune, that over the duration of the track builds, changes into a new take on the Jamaican bass culture, Reggae with some electronic infused tones and some otherworldly atmospherics. It is like nothing you would have expected. This single will be followed by their debut album Forty Four later in the year.

T.M. O'Neill - Inbetweens
Inbetweens is the new single by T.M. O'Neill and depicts one man's struggle against forces out of his control. Throughout the five minute track the music remains quite subtle, piano providing the greatest element with layers of orchestral sounds lathered on top. The low hushed vocal is something drowned out by the music due to it is almost whisper like sound. Although this sound is all good and well, towards the end it does seem to drone on a tad and results in loss of interest; a minute shorter could have done the trick.

Colour of Bone - Low Mode
Low Mode is the debut single to come from Colour of Bone. It opens with a distorted guitar riff and some electronics and then explodes full throttle into a mass of crunching bass and crashing drums. Singing of romantic misgivings the songs "I was made for you" chorus line and the accompanying orchestral type sounds make it more memorable. The way in which electronics and the orchestral sounds are infused is what makes this song stand out more than anything.

Terry Emm - Love and Never Lost
The first single to be taken from Terry Emm's forthcoming third album is Love and Never Lost. With its poetic lyrics as he reflects about changing life and perspectives on the world, the song is a very honest and mellow number. The string arrangements throughout are peaceful, beautiful and develop a placid atmosphere, working well with the acoustic setting of the guitar and subtle drumming. All this makes the perfect introduction to the new album.

Sparrow and the Workshop - The Faster You Spin
This Glasgow based trio are set to release The Faster You Spin as the second single from their upcoming album Murderopolis. It is the vocals of Jill O'Sullivan that opens the track alongside some simple tapping before hitting out with a punch as the guitars and drum explode and the cymbals crash onto the scene. This results in one almighty sound, with some male vocal contributions alongside Jill's lead. As the end approaches, things get very heavy and Sparrow and the Workshop go out with a bang.

Trim the Barber - Mindblank
Trim the Barber is a psychedelic post punk four piece from East London and has released a new track upon the world in the form of Mindblank. The distant otherworldly vocal effect works well alongside the rumble of music consisting of loud drumming and rugged guitar riffs and pounding bass. With this single, Trim the Barber has created an atmosphere that takes over your entire mind. There is so much sound placed into each second that it is hard to think and focus on anything other than this, you are literally thrown into the deep end and don't find peace of mind until the track concludes - literally creating a blank slate in the mind for the songs entirety, only gaining some normality at the end.