J Hurley took time out of his busy Takedown day to discuss the band, their tour and the future of Hacktivist.

R13: How's Takedown going? Excited for your set?
JH: What am i excited for, urm, just to see the crowd go crazy really. Get 'em jumping. Get a mosh pit going or something, be cool.

R13:Last night on tour with Enter Shikari was a bit nuts wasn't it? Have you recovered now?
JH:Yeah we had Ben and Rory C doing stage dives it was pretty crazy. Yeah all recovered now yeah yeah.

R13:What's the best thing about one day festivals like these?
JH:It's good to relax and have a drink, stuff like that yeah.

R13:Your new song Elevate is awesome! How do you think it's being recieved at shows?
JH:Pretty good yeah, we get the crowd involved, we get them to stick their middle fingers up, they love it yeah.

R13What's next for Hacktivist?
JH:More songs really, more shows, more songs. That's it

R13:Any more festival appearances?
JH:Yeah we got a lot coming up, but you'll just have to check the facebook page, cause i don't know what I can and can't say. But we're definitely playing T in the Park and Download.

R13:Is there any band here you're really looking forward to seeing?
JH:Tonight, Tesseract. Yeah, I haven't got to see them live yet, we played a gig with them and we had to shoot off straight away to go to another show. I've listened to the CD in the van so it'd be good to see them live. Might jump in a few pits.

R13:That's all my questions, have a good day
JH:Thanks a lot man, see ya soon.