All Time Low are definitely one of the biggest pop punk bands on the planet, they've sold out venues across the UK and US, played main stage at Reading and Leeds and are even supporting Green Day this year at their stadium show! And despite all of this, fame has not gone to their heads. Alex Gaskarth is definitely one of the nicest people I have ever met.

R13 How you doing today?
AG: Feel good, we had about a week off and now we're here. We got in yesterday, we got delayed so it's been rushed. Seriously jet lagged

R13: So apart from jet lagged how does it feel to be back in the UK?
AG: Awesome. We always love playing here, the shows are always amazing and we love it here. This festivals really cool, we've never done it before.

R13 You've never done it before and you're headlining. That's insane
AG:Yeah it's amazing! I love the do it yourself aspect of it, it's amazing that we got to come over here and do it. There's a lot of friends here too and it's a good atmosphere.

R13: What's the best thing about a gig in the UK? Compared to America, do you think there's any difference?
AG:Yeah definitely, I think the crowds are a little more rabid, sometimes. They don't get to see a band as much as they would in the states so you kind of get an added anticipation and excitement for the shows. I definitely feel like when we hit the stage here it's a little bit more 'oh wow, they're here'.

R13: Is there anything about the UK you don't miss?
AG:Not really, I love it here. Urm the weather sometimes sucks but it's gorgeous today so no complaints.

R13:How was Slam Dunk last night?
AG:So cool, so much fun. It's one of those things it's always so crazy the first day of a festival, so there was some technical things and whatever but we got through it and the crowd went off so no complaints.

R13: And you think it'll be the same tonight?
AG: I think tonight will be even better from a technical performance stand point, so as long as the crowd brings it it'll be great.

R13: Are there any bands that you want to catch today?
AG:Yeah we got in late yesterday like me and Zack and some of our crew got in really last minute so i didn't get to watch that many bands yesterday so i'm definitely gonna go and watch Wonder Years, definitely wanna see Ace Enders if I can from Early November and I've never seen them before but what's their name Mallory Knox. I caught some of their set yesterday and want to check them out today.

R13: Any Horror stories from your tour with Pierce The Veil, You Me At Six and Mayday Parade?
AG:No, no horror stories. That tour was so much fun actually! Everybody got really close, everybody was hanging out every day and there were a lot of good friendships on that tour. A couple of the You Me guys are coming out today to hang out so that should be cool. I'm psyched to see them.

R13:You're supporting Green Day this year at a massive gig! How does that feel?
AG:Amazing! I mean it's like a dream come true for us, it's one of the bands that made us like the band that we are today. It's definitely like a fucking cool full circle moment where it's like 'wow I used to listen to you in my room ya know and now i'm sharing a stage with you' it'll be incredible.

R13: You guys are fully booked all the way up until September, any plans after that more writing or just relaxing?
AG: I don't know if we're quite ready to write again yet, I mean the record still feels pretty new for us so we don't want to overload people on new songs. I think we'll do something down the line, I don't know what yet but just to keep things fresh and then tour tour tour. We want to go to places we've never been like China, Russia, just the places we haven't tapped into yet. And also going back to the places that we haven't been back to yet.

R13: Awesome! Well have a great festival and I hope the show goes awesome for you!
AG: Thanks man.