Sam Thomas - Gift
Sam Thomas is back with his second single; Gift, following the rave reviews surrounding his debut release I'm Gonna Be A Witch, this second offering was far from what I was expecting. The track is entirely instrumental, bar a distorted robotic voice near the beginning of the song. Thomas has crammed a lot of sounds into Gift, but I'm not entirely sure what it is we are supposed to be listening to.

Jack Cheshire - Gyroscope
Somerset bred Jack Cheshire is gearing up to release his third album Long Mind Hotel in September, but we are given a sample of what to expect in the form of Gyroscope. The influences of Gyroscope are far spread and include everything from folk to surf rock. His voice is solid and clear throughout the track. Gyroscope makes for an interesting listen.

The Creature Comfort - Sally Sucks
After a long and unplanned hiatus, The Creature Comfort return to the music scene with their fabulous new single Sally Sucks. This single is a little slice of old-skool pop punk. Sally Sucks is easy to get into, and the simplicity of the lyrics definitely helps to make the song incredibly accessible. The Creature Comfort have delivered a fun and likeable little number.

Julie Feeney - Dear John
Irish singer songwriter Julie Feeney is back with her new single Dear John. Feeney is not the most conventionally artist out there, and this new single tells the story of her grandparents going on moonlight bike rides together. This homage to her grandparents is extremely well layered and includes a strong string arrangements, however, this track will not be to everyone's taste.

Peter Aristone - Sunlight
Peter Aristone is set to release his debut single, suitable called Sunlight. This upbeat and happy number is sure to be a summertime hit and feature on BBQ playlists across the country. Sunlight is an optimistic track that is easily accessible and gets stuck in your head after a could of listens.

Satellites - Wasteland
After rave reviews of their limited release debut album Satellites.01, Satellites are back and ready to release their sophomore album; Satellites.02 and Wasteland is the lead single from that upcoming album. Jonhhy Vic's voice is warm and likeable, the track is beautiful in its simplicity. Based on Wasteland and Vic's (aka Satellites) previous effort, it seems unlikely that he will remain under the radar for long.

Miraculous Mule - Satisfied
Miraculous Mule are set to release their debut album in September, but before that they are whetting our appetite with a fun and enjoyable single; Satisfied. This blues infused slab or rock is a delight to listen to, it is extremely catchy and by the second listen you'll find yourself singing along and bobbing your head. A brilliant effort for an up and coming band.

Abi Wade - Boxer
Brighton's Abi Wade touches on the subject of domestic violence with the release of her latest single Boxer. The cello provides the backbone to this song, but it also gives the song a tinge of sadness. The track is well layered; vocals and strings are perfectly balanced. Boxer is a clever little song, which is bound to appeal to a mass audience, delicately touching some of the listeners private lives along the way.

Go-X - Tephra
Welsh rockers make a welcome return to the music scene with the release of their new single Tephra. As we have come to expect from Go-X this single is crisp, punchy and incredible infectious. Tephra is a catchy, fast moving number which will have you singing along in no time. The perfect summer track.