The Reading & Leeds festivals are now just days away, and with that in mind we've compiled a list of the five absolute MUST-SEE bands at this year's festival. It was a hard choice as there is no doubt that this year's line up is one of the best in recent years, containing the kind of mad diversity every good festival needs. So without further ado, from a line-up consisting of 200+ acts, here are FIVE absolute gems.


Deftones are easily one of the most consistent metal bands on the planet. Whether you rank them as 'Nu-Metal', 'Alternative Metal' or plain 'Heavy Metal' the fact is that throughout their storied 25 year career they've always done nothing but bring a ruckus. In most recent years Deftones have started to hit more career heights. The hugely impressive Diamond Eyes along with the very successful follow-up Koi No Yokan have put this band at an all time high. In many ways Deftones are the perfect festival band with a huge array of hits to squeeze into their set, including tracks like My Own Summer, Minerva and Back To School they will almost certainly whip the crowd into a ridiculous frenzy.

System Of A Down

Following on from Deftones on the line up are the gargantuan System Of A Down. Despite all the squabbles in recent years, and the 'will they, won't they?' debate of making a comeback, System Of A Down are indeed back and ripping through the live circuit whilst they're at it. It was recently confirmed by Serj Tankian that new material isn't going to come soon, but with a back catalogue like theirs, the set at Reading & Leeds is set to be absolutely massive. They're in that iconic sub-headlining slot on the line-up where the set has the sun setting as a back drop. The sing along to tracks like Sugar and Toxicity whilst the sun goes down will be epic. So make sure you're at the Main Stage for this, they'll riff your face off.

Nine Inch Nails

Now if you're looking for a band with a storied career, look no further than Trent Reznor's unbelievable creation. It's been six years since this Industrial Rock Machine has graced this festival (in exactly the same spot no less) and with this being a 'comeback' of sorts (although the hiatus was rather brief) this is set to be a really big show. Much like the other two bands mentioned so far, NIN have an absolute array of songs to choose from in their back catalogue, and it will be interesting to see how the likes of March Of The Pigs and Closer will fuse together with some of the new material making its way out of the NIN camp as of late. On record this band are great, but live they are powerful. One of those bands who have the ability to leave crowds of even casual punters mesmerized.

Feed The Rhino

Intense. Absolutely intense live band. Feed The Rhino are going to tear a hole into the lock-up tent and they'll have no qualms about doing so. This band is on the real rise at the moment, with their fan base building constantly. Much of this is down to the success of the band's most recent record The Burning Sons but as already mentioned more so because their tireless touring and incredible performances have probably left bands who have to follow them worrying about the point of everything they do. Stay strong Quicksand.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

This band are one of those rare treats which combine brilliant musical ability and massive levels of intrigue. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats have, it seems, been more than happy to remain relatively low key so far. As far as live shows are concerned, they've actually only played very few shows, although these have been met with some absolutely storming reviews. No one was really sure what they even looked like until very recently, the fact is their two releases Blood Lust and Mind Control are frankly brilliant. So good in fact, the band have been announced as the main support for the Black Sabbath UK tour in December. If you've been asked to go out on tour with Black Sabbath then you're no mugs. An absolute must; could easily be one of the bands of the weekend. Psychomania is coming.