The former Dr Feelgood and Blockheads guitarist was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the start of the year but has thrown himself into a series of acclaimed performances on his farewell tour. This weekend sees the last of his scheduled performances at Bingley Music Live, alongside Primal Scream, CHIC feat. Nile Rodgers, The Human League,The Cribs, The Fratellis, The Neville Staple Band, Tinchy Stryder and Katy B. Full line up and details are available here.

In a swift but beautifully crafted interview, Wilko had the following to say:

R13:What's your favourite thing about British festivals?
WJ:Well, this year's been pretty unusual. It's been marvellous, being out in the sun; as the sun has chosen to shine this year. It's all about the friendly atmosphere. So I guess you could say my favourite thing is fun in the sun.

R13:What's your first live music experience or an early memory that stands out?
WJ:Probably, the first gigs we started doing in 70's, playing in pubs in London. We were from just outside London, in Essex, so it was like coming to the big city. It was exciting. It felt serious.

R13:Who is your ultimate performer?
WJ:Chuck Berry, I've seen him 4 or 5 times. The first time was in the mid-60's he thrilled me; his music and stage performance.

R13:What's been the highlight of your recent performances?
WJ:What's been pretty good is we did the Farewell Tour earlier in the year and then I retired, but I didn't like that much! Then summer came along and the festivals started coming in and I thought, well, I'm not too ill and if I can't make it then the show will still go on. We also played in Tokyo, it had been pouring with rain. We came on stage; the clouds parted and out came the sun.

R13:You're known for your love of the Thames Estuary but do you have any particularly fond memories of Yorkshire?
WJ:Well, my Mum came from Sheffield. So I remember visiting Aunties and Uncles and I always remember that warm twang I feel whenever I hear "do you want a cuppa tea".

R13:BML has a 'pirates' theme this year. What's your favourite fancy dress outfit?
WJ:Batman mask!