Bo Summer (singer) was probably in a very good mood and instead of talking to him for 20 minutes I had the chance to talk to him and the rest of the band for more than 2 hours..When you talk to him you understand their principle of not taking themselves seriously!

R13: How did you guys get together ?
BS: We just knew each other and it just happened.

R13: Is it your first tour in the UK?
BS: Yes it is.

R13: Any good or bad memories so far?
BS: When we were in Brighton, one of our guitarists was completely drunk and he could not play at all. I had to turn off his amplifier after seven songs. He turned it back on so I had to turn it off again. He wanted to turn it back on and I said F*** off. (Then he mimes how he was "playing the guitar".. basically just standing and trying to move his hands)

R13: As I see it, itís about to happen again! Seeing the amount of beer on the table!
RS: No no. (smiles) We just had some beers while watching the match then we had to stop to do the sound check. Then we got back on out the tour bus and drank some more.

R13: Do enjoy touring?
BS: No.

R13: Why not?
BS: Is there something wrong with your nose? (laughs). The bus is smelly, we are all over each other all the time.

R13: There must be something positive in touring !
BS: Well, meeting new people like you, dating a nice girl from time to time...

R13: Will you be present at ant festivals this summer in the U.K.?
BS: No, not in the U.K. They donít want us. In other places around Europe yes. Thatís because weíre cheap: in our music and ourselves (to hire us).

R13: What do you enjoy the most: touring or festivals? Why?
BS: Festivals. Well you see when you have during one single concert at a festival 5,000 people and when you come here and have 200 people in three dates... see the comparison..

R13: What will be the next achievement for the band?
BS: Ruling the world! Be big in the US!

R13: So thatís what you want to do ... be big in the US
BS: Well not really. If I had to choose Iíd rather be in Russia so that I can drive back home after a gig. (Denmark)

R13: So youíre quite lazy !
BS: Yeah, thatís what they say...(Laughs)

R13: Is there any new album on preparation?
BS: Yes we have like three songs written. But when we finish our tour in March we will take two weeks without seeing or even calling each other. Then we will get back to recording. But if we donít want to come to the sound checking we just donít and stay at home. Maybe in 2007 there will be a record out.

R13: Donít you have any pressure from your record company?
BS: Well yes "they" want to see something this year...

R13: You have changed your record company recently, donít you miss being in an independent record company?
BS: Itís better here as we donít have to do nothing. They take care of everything. We just have to play the gig.

R13: How did your music evolved since your debut?
BS: First it was more pure heavy metal, commercial and now we have grown up.

R13: How do you differentiate yourself from other metal bands?
BS: Well our music is better and we have short hair.(laughs)

R13: Who would you like to collaborate with on your album?
BS: Nobody. We just want to do our own music.