As Gods The Chase
Heavy Pearl Jam undertones surround this first release for xxx years from the british 5 piece but it all helps to contribute to one enjoyable and polished track. The riffs make your head involuntary bob up and down, there are twists to the music and even some "woo's" hidden away. The lead singers vocals are strong. Leaves you imagining this track can work both in a small bar or an arena.

Hildamay DRAG
Each time Kent's Hildamay produce new music I can't help but think "Why on earth are this band not bigger than what they are?" And with new single, DRAG, that question remains. No question they are growing but on the back of 2012's album Miles Away they deserve so much more. This single should continue the (way too slow) rise of the band - powerful post rock

Sondura We're Here Now
Sondura are known for producing good old fashioned hard rock and We're Here Now does exactly that. Anthemic chorus with suitably gravely vocals coupled with hard hitting riffs and you have all the ingredients to continue Sondura's rise on the british rock scene. Not much more needs to be said!

Dark Bells Want
At over 5 and half minutes this psychedelic, with hints of shoegaze, track from the trio is certainly value for money. With Editors-esque guitar riffs, high octane drums and bass for the first half it then jumps randomly into a psychedelic Doors-esque section, which will be a bit of a Marmite moment. It finishes with another hard hitting part. As I like marmite it gets a big thumbs up from me and will definitely be keeping an eye out for their debut album due out early next year.

Allusondrugs My Cat / Fruit
Slow heavy riffs are the order of the day on the slightly surreal track My Cat. The music is good but not overly sold on the vocals. As for Fruit I'm not sure if this should be classed as an 'A' Side, bonus track or an old fashioned 'B' Side would be better as it really fails to live up to anything of note when played next to the heavier My Cat.

White Pigeon Party
If you want your music to be serious - then it is best you move straight to the next review as this is another band going for the fun angle. White Pigeon are your more archetypical generic metal band and when this track first started I just thought "oh god we are back in the 80's". But then it started to grow on me and on the third listen I can't help but enjoy it. The lyrics are fun "You can do it in your spandex if it's better for you" being perfect example. The music is foot tapping fun rather than head banging hard and the backing vocals add the real party feel to the track. Party on!!!

Life I Wanna Forget
With its catchy hooks and upbeat tempo I Wanna Forget may not be a track to win awards for the Hull quartet but it is certainly a track indie fans will love. It maintains its energetic style from start to finish and shows there is plenty of life in Life! Definitely not a tune that is easy to forget.

People's Villain No One Likes Us
As any football fan will tell you, No One Likes Us is the anthem sung by Millwall fans originally to the tune of Rod Stewart's We Are Sailing. Now Northern Irish band have put together a classic sounding fist pumping punk song version of this. One of the best ways of telling if a punk song works is if you can imagine it being chanted at a football game and in this case it is a very big yes from me. Maybe the sound quality is not up there with some of the other releases of this month but don't let that put you off, well it is how punk should be - raw! Thanks to the Millwall Hangover Podcast for this one.

Joan Ov Arc Stars
I don't really know why but this track from the all-girl rockers reminds me of Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home. Maybe it is because it's a good slower paced rock track that really plays on those heart strings. Ok, thankfully there's no piano solos on Stars but you really do feel the emotion in exactly the same way especially through that bass and guitar riffs! The vocals are perfectly suited too. All in all, a great polished track from an up and coming band.

Daisyhead I Couldn't Face You
First off, if you listen to this track - don't be fooled by the quiet start and turn up the volume, it suddenly gets loud (very loud if you turned the volume to your earphones up). Once after the ears recovered, the Nashville quartet produced an emotion clad power pop punk track. Plenty here to get excited about but feel just needed a bit more lyrics, only one verse and chorus, the rest was music. I'm all for bands not following the "how to make a track textbook" but just needed a little more than the few angry chants.

Desperate Journalist Organ
This London quartet are already starting to make a name for themselves (well most of us journalists probably feel some affiliation to their name) and it is no wonder why. Organ is pure post-punk meets Alt-Rock pleasure from start to finish. Music and vocals go hand in hand bringing full emotion throughout.

Stags Love Will Delay / Stealing My Heart
Love Will Delay is a monster of an alt-rock tune, with some blues thrown in. Not just monster in the length of the track (just over 6 minutes) but in its whole feel. For the first half it builds slow and then is just one head bobbing classic of a track exploding in your ears. Stealing My Heart is shorter but just as impressive with it's fast paced blues rock which feels like it should be enjoyed with a nice bourbon in your hand.

Diamond Lights Secret Hell / Yes Sir
Diamond Lights are quite possibly the most exciting new band to have landed on my desk here at R13. This duo create raucous fast exciting jet propelled rock. Distorted guitars and furious drumming bring together a real treat. Both tracks are as enjoyable as each other, this new band may well be worth keeping an eye on as this is good. What a great way to finish this month's round up!