Before you even get started on this bigger and better RoomThirteen Festival Preview guide, trust us you'll want to start looking up the phone number of your local bank to get that overdraft extended, something's got to pay for all of these unbelievable tickets right? Seriously though, the sheer scope of good line ups across the UK festival scene in 2014 is verging on staggering, whether you're looking to go the whole hog at one of the big dogs or looking to try something new at one of the smaller events, this guide will feature all of the information you need.

The Behemoths

We all know which festivals are the behemoths. The one's which can splash the cash and bring in some real Metal and Rock royalty. We've identified three proper big guns to consider.

Sonisphere 2014

The rise and subsequent sharp fall of Sonisphere UK was the starkest of reminders that even these huge festivals are vulnerable to poor sales and cancellations. Never mind behemoth, Sonisphere is the epitome of a phoenix rising from the ashes, and they've come back with an absolutely storming line up. They've managed to bag BOTH Metallica and Iron Maiden onto the same bill alongside the ever maniacal Prodigy. Comments of predictability can be brushed aside; if you can't enjoy at least one of those headliners in a festival environment then something has seriously gone wrong. And those three alongside Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Alice In Chains, Mastodon, Gojira, CHAS & DAVE?? Yeah exactly. Visit for more line up info and ticket purchases. Sonisphere Knebworth takes place between 4th-6th July at Knebworth Park.

Download 2014

SCREAM FOR ME DONINGTOOON. Yeah, standard really. This year's line-up however is far from standard. The last two years have seen Download surpass even themselves, with some absolutely huge bills. This year has been criticised somewhat by the keyboard warriors, mainly due to the shit-storm after Avenged Sevenfold were announced as headliners. Let's face it though, these guys are absolutely ready for this, and it is great to see such a major festival hand them this opportunity. As far as the rest of the headliners and line-up are concerned, Copping and co. have pretty much done it again. Blending a mix of Donington favourites and the odd curveball here and there, Download 2014 is set to be absolutely huge. Keep a particular eye on the unpredictable Rob Zombie, Killswitch Engage, While She Sleeps and letlive. Visit for more line up info and ticket purchases. Download Festival takes place 13th-15th June at Donington Park.

Reading & Leeds

There are two giant heavy festivals again in the UK, so much like the years in which Soni was active Reading & Leeds has the potential to suffer somewhat in the heavier department. On the early announcements however, it looks like that may not be the case. We've already got Architects, who are set to be one of the stories of 2014 when their new album is unleashed, as well as Issues and Of Mice & Men. Not only that, the vast success of the Rock Stage last year has meant it's inevitable return with a line-up which will be chosen by none other than Mr. Daniel P. Carter himself. Visit for more line up information and ticket purchases. Reading & Leeds Festival takes place on 22nd-24th August.

War Pigs

The festival scene in the UK alone is absolutely heaving now. These are the War Pigs which look to claw you in and claim you away from the big dogs, and looking at some of these line-ups they'll do very well in doing so.


Bloodstock Festival is just growing and growing as each year goes by to a point where in all honesty it won't be long until they are considered one of the 'majors'. A lot of this growth is down to the fact that the festival have opened it's Satanic Gates to band's that in the past would have been considered maybe too 'commercial'. Last year seen Lamb Of God and Slayer headline, and this year the festival have announced Megadeth and Down. Expect riffs, expect chaos with both. Perhaps one of the most exciting announcements across the festival scene this year though see's Black Metal Icons Emperor headline the Saturday night. Alongside act's such as Carcass, Amon Amarth, Hatebreed, Crowbar and Obituary, Bloodstock is set to absolutely slay the audience once again in 2014. Visit for more line up information and ticket purchases. Bloodstock takes on 7th-10th August at Catton Park, Derbyshire.


Considering it is new to the festival game, the team over at Alt-Fest have pulled together a very impressive line-up sprawled across 6 stages which really do offer an alternative mix blend of different acts. Depending on what you feel like at the time, you could fancy something on the Metal Stage, or what about the Industrial Stage? The stand-out announcement is of course the God of Fuck himself Marilyn Manson as a UK Exclusive. With a back catalogue as huge as his, there is no doubt that with a recent return to form, this is a pretty big coup for the festival. Other exclusives across the festival include Sunday Night headliners The Cult, Arch Enemy, Fields Of The Nephilim, Satyricon and Combichrist. If you're after an alternative to the usual festival players, then it is quite difficult to look beyond Alt-Fest. Visit for more line up information and ticket purchases. Alt-Fest takes place on 15th-17th August at Boughton Estate, Kettering.

Temples Festival

Temples Festival is an independent music festival based in Bristol which promises all kinds of heavy madness, and looking at the Stoner/Doom heavy line up it is clear to see they have fulfilled their quota of bringing the riff. In the headliners alone, Electric Wizard, Neurosis and Clutch, you've got three bands who, to put it simply, just absolutely deliver live. There will be some very sore necks on Monday 5th May put it that way. Clutch are of course the main highlight, and frankly a brilliant coup for the festival. For so many Earth Rocker was right at the top of the "best albums of 2013" lists, so this is certainly not one to be missed. Other highlights across the bill include the monstrous Conan, Beast Milk and Black Moth. Visit for more line up information and ticket purchases. Temples Festival takes place at Bristol's Motion venue on 2nd-4th May.

Takedown Festival

There is so much packed onto the Takedown festival bill it feels almost impossible to translate it in a couple of sentences. Five stages, over 40 bands all packed within Southampton University's Student Union, all boasting some of the brightest and most exciting talent in heavy music at the moment. Some of the key highlights across the board include the likes of Funeral For A Friend, Turbowolf, Baby Godzilla, Feed The Rhino and the absolutely mental The Hell. You look across the bill and there are at least six or seven potential "performance of the day" candidates, so to say the Takedown crew have absolutely nailed it this year would be an understatement. Visit for more line up information and ticket purchases. Takedown Festival takes place at Southampton University Student Union on 15th March.

Slam Dunk Festival

Across three different venues up and down the UK, Slam Dunk festival has got bigger and better as each year as gone by, and this year's line up doesn't look like putting a halt to that trend. There is always a great mix of your, perhaps more radio-friendly, pop-punk acts and some of the heavier, more edgy bands, but the festival organisers always do strike a great balance that just works. This year is no different; we've got the likes of All American Rejects, Bury Tomorrow and Caliban. The key highlight on the bill is of course one of the most exciting bands for years and that is letlive. Last year's The Blackest Beautiful was just phenomenal from start to finish, and given the reputation of this band live as well, this is set to be a real treat so don't miss it. Visit for more line up information and ticket purchases. Slam Dunk Festival takes place on 24th-26th May at Leeds University, The Forum and The Wolverhampton Civic respectively.


Last year Redfest had one of the most eclectic line ups on the festival circuit and as the line up has begun to take shape for this year's party at Robin Cook's farm it looks like we're going to be getting more of the same in that respect. The festival's main stage houses more of your commercial, radio-friendly bands, but it's Second Stage (Total Uprawr) houses a brilliant mix of heavy acts. At the top end of that stage this year we see the Welsh Post-Hardcore outfit The Blackout, Heart Of A Coward and TRC. TRC could well end up performance of the festival especially off of the back of the very well received Nation which is an absolutely storming slab of hardcore music. It's a surprise they've not forced their way onto more festival line ups. Visit for more line up information and ticket purchases. Redfest takes place on 25th-26th July at Robins Cook Farm in Surrey.


This we can guarantee, there won't be another festival in the UK this year which will offer up such a rich smog of riffs, doom and chaos as Desertfest. This is the ultimate Stoner/Doom festival stretched across multiple locations in Camden over a whole weekend. The headliners alone are hugely impressive, you've got the returning titans Spirit Caravan, with their first show on these shores in over ten years; you've got the owl wielding maniacs in Kvelertak on Saturday night and then the utterly bonkers Boris to round things off on Sunday. It's in the undercard though where you'll end up discovering some real treats. Keep a particular eye on Blues Pills, Eagle Twin, Sasquatch and Elder. Visit for more line up information and ticket purchases. Desertfest takes place on 25th-27th April in various venues in Camden Town.

Camden Rocks
Another Camden Town based festival now, but this one is a bit more varied. Camden Rocks does well to mash together an impressive array of heavier bands, with everything else from Indie bands to DJ's. In their initial announcement, it looks like Camden Rocks are beginning to gain momentum, especially after last year's success, announcing bands like Orange Goblin, Turbowolf, Hacktivist, The Howling and so many more. In one day you've got 200+ bands across 20 different venues. This is well and truly the party to be at in Camden this summer. Visit for more line up information and ticket purchases. Camden Rocks takes place on 31st May across various venues in Camden Town.

Other notable mentions

Whilst the UK Festival Scene has never been healthier, there will always be that temptation to have a look at what is happening in the continent. There are some absolutely killer line ups over in Europe this year including the staggering Hellfest line up which pretty much features the who's who in Metal and Heavy Music. Other top European festivals include Bloodstock's older and uglier cousin Wacken and the always sinister Graspop Metal Meeting.

Well that's your lot then, wherever you end up this Festival season it is clear you'll be having a blast as the UK circuit continues to surprise us year on year. Huge appreciation has to go to the teams behind the scenes for each event for always striving to basically make thousands of people very happy indeed.