Festival season is starting to get into full swing, if you're heading to the inaugural Temples Festival then you're in for a real treat as it is absolutely filled to the brim with heavy, awesome bands. Here are the Top 5 Must See bands across the impressive line up.


Earth Rocker has blown this band into another realm, as the world tour continues to roll on back on UK shores. This leg of the tour has been met with a hugely positive response, as Clutch yet again make it clear that they are just one of the best live bands around. Expect big tunes and general chaos. The fact that lately their sets consist of mainly newer material and they still get a huge reaction is testament to the quality of this band. Clutch are headlining the Main Stage on Sunday night.


Neurosis are one of the legendary acts in this scene, despite having quite a cult following, the respect for this band across most of heavy music speaks for itself. But even if you've never heard a single track, they are an absolute must to check out live. Thunderous isn't even the word for the kind of impact they are set to make headlining the main stage on Saturday Night. There will be copious amounts of huge riffs and sore necks comes Sunday Morning. Neurosis are headlining the Main Stage on Saturday night.


Conan have started to gather a real momentum in recent months, mainly off the back of their absolutely brilliant album Blood Eagle which achieved a maximum score from us. Their reputation as a live band has also gained serious backing so they are well worth checking out. They manage to bring a new, exciting dynamic to Doom. Conan are playing on the Main Stage on Saturday at 17.30pm.


Beastmilk are another band who seem to have appeared out of nowhere, getting all the right exposure in all the right places. Like with many bands across the Temples line up, the band are great on record, but they are monstrous live. Hailing from Finland this frenetic post-punk band just sound like a band shrouded in darkness and moody swagger. Beastmilk are playing the Second Stage on Sunday at 17.05pm.


Lionize are not a new band, but they may be very new to some UK fans as this is the first tour they've done here. Close friends Clutch, decided to bring them out on tour as their main support, causing them to gain a festival slot on their very first tour run here which is impressive to say the least! Their increased exposure can only be a good thing as the band deliver a spectacular Deep Purple influenced set, with soaring vocals, moody keyboard and huge bass and drum combinations. They open the main stage, but rest assured they'll be one of the band's of the weekend. Lionize are playing the Main Stage on Sunday at 14.30pm.