It is that time again to explore some of the singles we have been listening over the last few weeks...

The Scenes -Hunters
Finnish six piece indie/punk band The Scenes return this month with Hunters, the first single from the bands upcoming second album Beige. At three minutes long the first two minutes differs to the last minute. This single opens with a steady riff as the basis for the tune. The sound is then built upon with various other elements such as a variety strings playing at their own rhythm, drums pounding along and vocals from lead singer Konsta Koivisto to create quite a complex sound. Although it's quite an earful it is intriguing to hear. After a quick ten second squeak of electric guitar, the remaining minute of the tune seems to be wasted and repetitive which is a shame.

Under The Influence - Broken Glass
Norwich five piece Under the Influence has just signed to Hassle Records and to celebrate is about to release their first popper single Broken Glass taken from the bands forthcoming debut album The Struggle. This is a mixed barrel of a tune unlike anything else around at the minute with the verses and choruses having very different tones. The vocals within the verses by front man Jack Murphy have elements of Hip-Hop while the choruses performed by the fellas behind the riffs are much more melodic and show much more emotion towards the music, which in itself is powerful, energetic and sounds as if the last four years have paid off for Under the Influence.

Chrysalis - Instant Silence
Having formed little over a decade ago, Southern Californian based band Chrysalis returns this month with their latest album Focus on the Center, the first release in seven years and a new single Instant Silence. This incredible single goes to prove that these guys haven't spent the last few years just sitting around eating fast food and making jokes, they have been working on combine elements from an array of genres to create memorable material and have achieved this with the new single. Although they have been around the block several times in their ten years as a band, these lads are still young and by the sounds of this tune, have a lot in them still to give.

Icons Helios
Front the moment this track opens with the raging guitars of Nick Toutjiaris and Joe Newman and Alan Frost and his constantly crashing drums, you can feel the swell of chaos bubbling and it never lets up. Leicester based metal band Icons don't fail in creating a chaotic single with this tune and to top it off are the vocals of Neil Vernon screeching his way through.
The band has spent three years pounding out tunes and it seems they have a talent for creating pandemonium...

Herod - We Are The Failure
Herod is not your typical band that blasts out an upbeat tune filled with guitar riffs and crashing drums. This Swiss outfit is a progressive sludge band, which has an eerie tune on their hands with their recent video release for We are the Failure. Vocalist David Glassey mixes spoken-word with some screams while the music just seems to drone on and never really develops into anything. Unfortunately there is nothing very grasping within this songs nearly five minute duration.

The Pixies Silver Snail
The Pixies has just released a new video for their recent track Silver Snail taken from their recent fifth album Indy Cindy. It is a mellow tune, guitars and drums slowly combining to make a gentle melody that drifts alongside the vocals. This song will likely not be everyone's cup of tea, however does have a charm about it.

Mastodon High Road
High Road is the first single off to come from the new Mastodon album Once More 'Round The Sun and gives the fans a taste of what is about to be unleashed. This is a track full of power, storming guitars and gruff vocals bought together in a four minute dabble into a world of madness. It is tough, it is rough and it is authoritative not a track to be messed with.

Skindred - The Kids Are Right Now
The Kids Are Right Now is the new track from Skindred, taken from their Kill The Power album. Opening with the thumping of drums, add some strong vocals and the backing of a guitar rhythm buried deep and you have quite a memorable number on your hands. There are a electro elements at the center of this tune that are a little distracting from the real core of the tune, however this track remains sounding solid throughout.

Feed The Rhino - Deny And Offend
Feed the Rhino return with a video for the new tune Deny and OffendThe Sorrow And The Sound. Just as you would expect, this track is full to the brim with strong guitar riffs, deafening drumming and a vocalist that can pull off the screams that the track requires as well as those softer tones on the verses. The lads are touring later this year to support the release of the album.

Turbowolf - Solid Gold
When you try and pin point the style of music that Turbowolf create it can be quite difficult, and this recent track Solid Gold makes distinguishing it apart from other tracks fairly easy, however still quite tricky to fully get your ears in tune with. The guitar work is quick and fast paced while the drumming smashes its way through and the vocals eagerly bring everything together. It is by all means an interesting listen for the ears...and a muddle for the mind.

In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours
Taken from the as yet untitled new album from In Search Of Sun, The World Is Yours is the new track making the rounds. It is a hard hitting tune, bursting right from the start with upbeat melodies that send a listener bouncing, add a few tougher tones in an underlying darkness with the vocals sandwiched between adding some depth.

A Day To Remember End Of Me
To top off this month's round up tracks making their presence known here at Room Thirteen is A Day To Remember and End Of Me, the second single taken from last year's Common Courtesy album. This track is a refreshing mix among the upbeat natured tunes above. It is slower paced in terms of music ion the verses, really letting the lyrics have some emphasis over the listener while the vocals pulsate with emotion and music thumps right in with even more of a punch on the choruses. End of Me is simply stunning!