For those heading to Reading/Leeds later this month, there is a band you really should consider checking out and being part of history as these gigs will be the first ever in the UK by our Band of the Month for August, Nico Vega.

We first saw Nico Vega on day 1 of SXSW in 2008, in fact they were the first band we saw that year playing an outdoor stage at Mohawks in soaring heat. That did not deter the band who put in a full rocking performance. At the following years SXSW we made sure our paths crossed again, this time catching them on three occasions and gave them our converted Band of SXSW 2009 award.

Five years along the line and Nico Vega are finally heading to the UK (via Germany) and we strongly implore you check them out. Aja and Rich kindly answer our questions:

Aja Volkman - Lead Singer
Dan Epand - Dums
Rich Koehler - Guitar

Tina Turner
Bob Dylan
Miles Davis
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath

Sounds Like:
A concoction of craziness

We gave you our Band of the Week award at SXSW in 2009, what has happened in the last 5 years
We have a new album! We expanded our stage show and we have started touring with a bass player. Oh, and we have had the chance to tour in arenas...!

Current release and where it's available:
Our new album Lead to Light comes out in the UK on Monday, September 22nd. Available everywhere!!

Up and coming artists you would recommend:
Dark Waves,
Spirit Animal...

Future Plans:
Rocking Reading & Leeds Festivals

Tour Dates:
August 19th, Performance in Hamburg w/ Imagine Dragons. Stadtpark Freilichtbuhne
August 20th, Performance in Berlin w/ Imagine Dragons. Zitadelle Spandau
August 21st, Headline performance in Berlin. Comet Club
August 23rd, Reading Festival
August 24th, Leeds Festival.

If you were the president for one day, what would you do:
Aja: There is a lot I would do. I'd start with bringing arts & music back into schools, but that's just brushing the surface!
Rich: I would make it so that I was the last president ever and transform the government to self-governing communities...!

If you could go back to any time in history, where would you go and why:
Aja: Medieval times - seems like it would be fun!
Rich: 60's to see the revolution...!

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers:
Don't miss our performances at Reading / Leeds. You will regret it!!