We've had a bloody glorious summer, let's be honest - the sun has been out and we've had some great new music. So who joined Singles Club in August? Well as the rain starts to cascade back into our lives we've put together a list of must buys, many of which have been involved in our videos section! Embrace them and discover something new!

The Negative One/The Devil In I - Slipknot

That's right we're kicking things off with TWO singles from one of the biggest bands in Metal at the moment. And what of their return? Well it's all very Slipknot, if that is a way to describe it. It's all very mysterious, etc. Speculation is rife on who exactly is drumming on this track after the departure of Joey Jordison, but what a track it is. Corey's vocals have this strained, almost desperate, element to them and the music is heavy, eclectic and unpredictable. A great little preview for what is to come later this year. The Devil In I is a bit different, softer vocals reign in this track - not as strong as Duality or Psychosocial as far as first official singles are concerned but still a solid track.

Sadiowitch - Electric Wizard

Electric Wizard are masters in delivering greasy, dirty riffs and Sadiowitch is an absolute wet dream for Sludge and Doom fans. The band are steamrolling towards the new album release later this year, and if Sadiowitch is anything to go by then we're in for a real treat. It just hits hard in all the right ways.

My Therapist Knows You By Name - A Higher Demise

A Higher Demise are a really exciting young band sweeping into the Metal/Hardcore scene at the moment. This track really feels like an old Chimaira track, with really desperate guttural vocals, and chugging riffs which serves as a stirring preview for their EP released in September.

Line Me Up For The Firing Squad - The Dropper's Neck

The Dropper's Neck toured throughout August and alongside that the single and video for Line Me Up For The Firing Squad was released. It's a really catchy riff fuelled tune, one which would no doubt get crowd's pumped at live shows. This tune is a perfect example of how well the vocalist transitions between harsher hardcore style to the erratic Mike Patton influenced vocals. It is a key component to their sound and they are truly a band to keep an eye on.

13th Moon - Coldwar

Armed with a great description on the influence behind the track, Coldwar this month released 13th Moon and as ever the Irish band deliver a measured, heavy and savage onslaught with intricate riffs and blast beats galore. Their fifth album is out now via Candlelight Records, and if you were judging them on this track alone then that record is well worth checking out.

Idle Crown - In Search Of Sun

In Search Of Sun, formerly known as Driven, are on the brink of their debut album release and with the second single release Idle Crown they've showcased a different side to their music, complementing the previous single The World Is Yours brilliantly. Both preview exactly what to expect from the debut record, with soaring vocals and some sensational guitar work. This particular track flows between softer, more delicate, moments to full on riff onslaughts - sounding quite proggy in the process.