As the days draw shorter, we thought we would bring you a treat for our Band of the Month for October in the form of Prosperina.

The welsh rockers have caused quite a stir following their debut album Faith In Sleep amongst many notable publications, including our own Ross Pike who said "From this [rock] solid base singer/guitarist/songwriter/co-producer Gethin Woolcock directs the band through twists, turns and shimmering melodies alloying Sabbath power with quicksilver post-rock and shout-it-out-loud moments for an album which defiantly rocks." within his review. Now we look forward to Prosperina's sophomore album Harness-Minus which will be out soon, to help you prepare, Prosperina have kindly answered our questions:

Presenting their inimitable and impressive brand of left-field, cliff-shearing riffage, married to an infectiously melodic and hooky bite, South Wales' Prosperina released their debut Faith In Sleep to widespread critical acclaim at the tail end of 2012, including here at R13.

The rousing choruses and powerful anthemic quality of the band's widescreen workouts occasionally belie the highly developed musical and rhythmic complexity kicking away just below the surface. Likewise their masterly control of dynamics and pacing further aids the extraction of the pop from the prog and the drone from the doom. It's an attractive mix.

Taking to the road over the ensuing months, the band have further honed their craft supporting Monster Magnet, Mondo Generator, Orange Goblin, to name but a few, plus triumphant festival slots at Bloodstock and Desertfest. A recent acoustic tour saw the band support ex-Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri across the UK, with Motorhead's Phil Campbell commenting "I can't see how their electric set could be better - it was that good".

The new album Harness-Minus will be released on 3.11.14 via Maybe Records, who comment: "this album will see the band emerge as a rare and unique British rock talent". The first single, Cult Leader's Handbook, with accompanying video, is out now....

Gethin Woolcock,
Yotin Walsh,
Owen Street,
Chris Dean.

Queens of the Stone Age,
Pink Floyd,
Black Sabbath,
The Mars Volta,
Cave In,
Velvet Underground,
The Doors

Sounds Like:
4 guys with big amps making big tunes with even bigger riffs.

Current release and where it's available:
Faith in Sleep, available as digital download and CD in good music stockists.
Harness-Minus due 3rd November 2014

Our last Band of the Month had a track called 'Room13', what will you do for us:
I can knock something up for you guys cos we like you. Here goes:
So we decided to create the track Room 13 because it's 2 louder than 11 which was previously the loudest number an amp can go to. So in summary we decided that two louder than 11 was good, plus we all like rooms - I mean we spend a lot of time in them after all so it was only natural that 'Room 13' should be born out of our sheer love for volume and rooms. Howzat?

Up and coming artists you would recommend:
Deaf Horse,
Desert Storm,
Estuary Blacks,

Future Plans:
Make more music, keep playing and improving, always striving toward creating something fresh and original.

Tour Dates:
TBA after album release! (R13: Keep checking our News Page for dates.)

If you were the prime minister for one day, what would you do:
If I was transported into the body of the current prime minister for one day I would definitely shoot myself in the back of the head gangland execution style - after apologising to the entire country for the greed exhibited by myself and my fellow Conservatives of course. If on the other hand, I was made prime minister for the day, I would reverse every single shitty self-serving legislation that the government has put in place to drain the souls of the population and go and use all the money that they have covertly stolen from the working and lower middle classes in order to create some positive things for people who need them. 'Bang on' is what I'd call my initiative. Imagines press report: "two thousand homes were built for the needy this month as part of the 'Bang on' social initiative".

If you could go back to any time in history, where would you go and why:
Wow - this is a really Bill and Ted question. I reckon Prosperina would go back to the dawn of man and just play a huge rock show for some monkey in a natural amphitheatre in the jungle. That would be cool. I imagine it a bit like when the monolith appears in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Those would be some freaked out monkey's right there; freaked out but entertained.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers:
Check out our band as we work very hard to make it as good as it can be for you.
Also, buy our records and tee-shirts if you enjoy great rock music!


Pre-order new album Harness-Minus: Here

Buy Faith in Sleep: iTunes