Nightmare Festival is the zombified offspring of the hugely popular Camden Rocks Festival so following in the same vein, we've got a ridiculously huge amount of bands across eleven stages for an absolute steal of a price. Across the day you'll get your fix of all things Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Rock from the brilliant Feed The Rhino to the eclectic Hawk Eyes. Here's a list of bands we've picked out in particular from the heaving line up. And with a host of people set to dress up on the day, they'll be doing their best to try and make sure that The Underworld toilets are not the scariest thing you see all day. Don't forget to bring your capes and face paint!

Feed The Rhino

A late addition to the festival, Feed The Rhino are currently in tour mode following the release of the excellent The Sorrow And The Sound earlier this year. They've got one of the most intense live performances on the scene at the moment, so it is pretty safe to say that The Barfly is going to be absolute carnage come Saturday night.


What can we say about THE HELL? They were almost certainly one of the best bands at this year's Camden Rocks Festival, so you can be sure that it'll be the same story at Nightmare Fest. 2014 has already been a good year for the band, they've released Groovehammer, battled with Nickelback online and put some excellent t-shirts on sale. YOU'RE LISTENING TO THE HELL, YOU DICK.

Hawk Eyes

Leeds based Hawk Eyes are currently gearing towards releasing their new album Die Trying and with 2011's Ideas to build on, it is set to a stonker. Their eclectic style has gained huge critical acclaim live, so already you're looking at a potential 'show of the day' candidate which will hopefully have a few new tracks thrown in.

The Algorithm

Speaking of eclectic, try boxing The Algorithm into a genre. Difficult right? Yeah, their blend of electronics, blast beats and proggy atmospherics sound bonkers on CD, so imagine all of that translated live? Whatever you feel about the music, live this is just something you've got to see.

I Am Giant

Originally hailing from New Zealand, I Am Giant are a band seriously on the rise at the moment. Already huge on the other side of the world, they're doing well to work towards a decent level of success here as well, with their most recent release Science & Survival receiving high critical acclaim. They've even released a new track/video as a Halloween treat!

To The Bones

It's not often you hear of a band coming from Bolton, but what a band To The Bones are! Their intense, gritty punk fuelled style of Rock translates well live, and with not all that much as far as a back catalogue is concerned, this is where they've built their reputation - well worth checking out.


Brutai have had a hell of a year so far, and for a Metalcore scene already filled to the brim with bands, it says a lot that they've been able to stand out as well as they have. They blend huge, heavy riffs with a delicate intricacy common with bands on the proggier side of Metal. They're on early at 2pm at Dingwalls so don't miss it!


Yet another band difficult to box into one genre, Hounds' style of weird electro-punk has seen the band tear up stages at various festivals this year including Sonisphere as well as tours with Rob Zombie and Turbowolf. Similar to a few bands on the line up, they also featured at this year's Camden Rocks and put in a great performance so expect more of the same here!


Flying over from Brooklyn for the festival are GHXST (pronounced ghost) with their doom, death, grunge, sludge rock with New York blues thrown in for good measure. Expect long hard powerful riffs from a band that appear to have taken the coolness of A Place To Bury Strangers to a whole new level.

Jesus Fucking Christ

No we haven't just included this because of the name. Jesus Fucking Christ is a one-man mission to deliver a savage mish mash of Rock, Punk, Electronics and Hip Hop. We're told the name is for the expression of shock rather than religion, but who cares the music is good!

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