From the backwaters of Darkest Hampshire (Basingstoke if you want to be more accurate) is home to Sacred Flesh. Their brand of black metal is giving an infamous reputation as hot live act. Room Thirteen caught up with their vocalist Sean over a quick pint at Basingstoke's Silkfest

R13: What's it like being the only black metal band in Basingstoke
S:It's very complementing. As much as an acquired taste black metal is it bring in the crowds. I wouldn't say we are completely black metal. There's of elements of thrash brought by Ed (guitar), Joe (guitar) and Chris (bass) and black metal by myself and that's unique. It gives people the opportunity that don't normally get to see black metal, the opportunity to see it.

R13: Have you ever gotten shit for it?
S: It comes with the territory. You always get whether you're in London or Basingstoke. But its what we love.

R13:You played with Season's End at the Winchester Railway Inn last night. What was that like?
S:It was a nice opportunity. They're a really good band and great guys. We've played with underground bands but when you play with more successful bands that are professional you learn from them.

R13: Will you be seeing Season's End at Thirteenth Day?
S: Dunno, as long as I don't die getting there, I'll be there.

R13: What's next for Sacred Flesh?
S: We've just finished recording in the studio our second EP. The CD's going to print and it will be available in Basingstoke record shops and in London as well. Its just going to be a case of promoting it with gigs.

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