We thought it was time we gave a bit of international flair for our latest Band of the Month, so we decided to head over the North Sea to Denmark to bring you up and coming rockers Forever Still.

You don’t have to travel to Denmark to see them as they are about to head over here for their first ever UK tour and we can’t wait and thankfully there’s not that long to wait as you will see from the tour dates below, make sure you get down to catch them live.

Our thanks to Maja for answering the questions:

“Forever Still can certainly give Evanescence and Lacuna Coil a run for their money.” - Cat Hennebury

How often do you come across a rock band which has that something, you can’t put your finger on? Forever Still is just that and a whole lot more - a completely honest and emotional in-your-face rock band with no excuses.

Combining melodic rock with the heavier strains of metal, and a touch of electronic elements, Forever Still, has created an original and edgy, yet strangely familiar rock sound, adding a breath of fresh air to the international rock scene.

The band formed back in 2010, when they decided it was time to give the music scene what is lacked - artists who are not afraid to be completely vulnerable and put the whole truth on the table.

Maja Schoenning - Vocals
Mikkel Haastrup - (Live) Bass/Guitar/Keyboards/Drums
Dennis Post - Guitar
Brion Wekin - Live Drums

Life. Personal emotion and experience fuels our writing and has always been the spine of our music. Everything comes from the inside and we try to convey every feeling as truthful and honest as possible.

Sounds Like:
Flyleaf, Lacuna Coil, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, In This Moment

Current release and where it's available:
Scars EP from November 2014 - available as a “name your price” release Here

New EP coming April 28 2015 - the single Awake the Fire is already out Here

Up and coming artists you would recommend:
All the bands supporting us on the UK-tour are pretty kick ass. But you’ll only know if you come out and check them out...

Future Plans:
We want to get the music out to everyone who may need it and we want to visit our fans around the globe. April 28 we’ll be releasing our EP Save Me, which is part II of our concept album. Right when it’s released we’ll be hitting the UK with “The Open Wound Tour”. Later this year we’ll continue the tour as well as part III of the album, which then becomes a full length, physical album.

You can still suggest your city for The Open Wound Tour 2015: Here

You are about to go on Tour in the UK for the first time, what are you looking forward to the most:
Yes we are! This is our first time in the UK and we’re headlining, so we’re freaking stoked. We’ve wanted to visit our growing fan base in the UK for some time now, so we’re truly happy it’s finally possible! I look forward to give people the live experience of the music, which is always something completely different than listening to it at home. And I’m just excited to meet everyone, now I’ve been talking to most people on our social media for quite some time now!

Tour Dates:
30th, London, Surya
1st, Manchester, Rebellion
2nd, Carlisle, The Brickyard
3rd, Sheffield, The Rocking Chair

If you were the prime minister for one day, what would you do:
I can’t have that kind of responsibilities, I can hardly tie my own shoes.

If you could go back to any time in history, where would you go and why:
I’d probably go back some 100 million years and conquer my childhood fear of dinosaurs. Or die. Or get a pet pterodactyl. The possibilities are endless.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers:
If some of you are in the UK reading this, we hope you’ll come out and meet us at the shows!! The more the merrier, and I promise it’s gonna be one hell of a party! If you’re not sure yet, you can grab yourself a free download or two Here and see what you think.