So Download Festival is soon. Excited? Good. This is Part Two of our Preview Coverage for one of the biggest events of the year and this time our focus is all over the Second Stage, aka The Zippo Encore Stage. Not sure who to see on that stage? Let us help guide you through the best of what is on offer. If you missed it then click this link to start with Part One - PART ONE

Marilyn Manson

When someone says to you Marilyn Manson and Download Festival in the same sentence, you’ll likely be met with a barrage of abusive comments about his last performance at Donington. Well this is Manson’s chance to redeem himself. He seems to be steaming towards smashing away any memories of that show as the God Of Fuck is widely considered to be back on form. His latest album The Pale Emperor was excellent and reports from live shows indicate he’s back to his crazy best. Manson has never been afraid to stick a firm middle finger at his doubters and critics, and this show could be the biggest middle finger yet.

Top Tracks: The Beautiful People, The Reflecting God, Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge

Marilyn Manson is headlining The Zippo Encore Stage on Saturday, 9pm-10:10pm

Lamb Of God

The wildly popular Lamb Of God are in the latter stages of production on their seventh studio release and are no strangers to absolutely tearing Donington to shreds. Live Lamb Of God are frankly astonishing and with them positioned high up on the Second stage this year the slightly longer set time should allow for something truly special. This will be the band’s first appearance at Donington since 2012 and could very well be a contender for set of the weekend.

Top Tracks: Redneck, Black Label, Desolation

Lamb Of God are playing The Zippo Encore Stage on Sunday, 7:40pm-8:30pm


L7 announced their reunion not too long ago after they gauged that the demand for it was indeed there. The queens of Grunge were one of best bands in the early nineties, matching great music with a healthy dose of controversy. Reports from some of their first few reunion shows have widely been positive. For many this will be a bit of a nostalgia trip, a trip full of heavy attitude.

Top Tracks: Pretend We’re Dead, Shitlist, Wargasm

L7 are playing The Zippo Encore Stage on Sunday, 5:15pm-5:55pm


The highly influential Carcass released one of the best Metal records in recent years with Surgical Steel in 2013 and the band have continued with that momentum right through to now. Expect their set to be chaotic and furious as with only a half hour to play with they’ll be looking to thrash their way through each track even quicker than they already are.

Top Tracks: Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System, Buried Dreams

Carcass are playing The Zippo Encore Stage on Saturday, 4:15pm-4:45pm


Another highly influential band gracing the Zippo Encore Stage on Saturday are Testament who much like Carcass have always been able to consistently deliver on the live stage. If you needed any proof of this then check out the Dark Roots Of Thrash live album and try not to head bang like mad. Testament are one of the absolute kings of Thrash Metal, and will more than likely smash some of those Saturday hangovers into oblivion.

Top Tracks: Rise Up, Disciples Of The Watch

Testament are playing The Zippo Encore Stage on Saturday, 3:20pm-3:50pm

Corrosion Of Conformity

We’re not wide of the mark when we say that Corrosion Of Conformity are one of the most underrated bands in heavy music. Pepper Keenan is back in the band for this stint which alone should be enough to raise a hell of a lot of interest. This is the band in which Pepper turned into one of the absolute masters of the riff so if you’re heading down to this expect a very sore neck indeed.

Top Tracks: Albatross, Clean My Wounds

Corrosion Of Conformity are playing The Zippo Encore Stage on Friday, 5:55pm-6:35pm

Eagles Of Death Metal

Closely aligned with the Desert Sessions troupe of bands, Eagles Of Death Metal feel a bit like a less serious Queens Of The Stone Age. The band always have fun on stage, and more often than not will get the crowd pumped up in a heartbeat. Jesse Hughes leads the way with this as his talent and skill as a front man will keep you engaged throughout. Josh Homme is no longer sitting behind the drums so if that was your only selling point do not be disappointed, they’re an excellent live unit.

Top Tracks: Cherry Cola, I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News), Wannabe In LA

Eagles Of Death Metal are playing The Zippo Encore Stage on Sunday, 4:15pm-4:45pm

Blues Pills

Whilst not a band you may immediately associate with some of the other acts on the Nuclear Blast roster, Blues Pills are one of the most impressive bands to emerge in the last few years. Their self titled debut album is excellent with front woman Elin Larsson’s impressive vocals soaring over Blues based Heavy Rock. If the Sun is out and you’ve got a beer in hand then it will be perfect.

Top Tracks: Devil Man, High Class Woman, Black Smoke

Blues Pills are playing The Zippo Encore Stage on Friday, 2:50pm-3:25pm

The Lounge Kittens

If you’ve never heard the material released by The Lounge Kittens then you definitely need to make some time to do so. The Lounge Kittens grab some big tracks from across Heavy Music and give it their own unique and bonkers spin, adding a whole load of swagger and attitude along the way.

Top Tracks: Rollin’ (Limp Bizkit Cover), Party Hard (Andrew W.K. Cover)

The Lounge Kittens are playing The Zippo Encore Stage on Saturday, 11:00am-11:25am

Stay tuned for Part Three!