Earlier in the year we brought you our alternative look on the Eurovision Song Contest, allowing just metal and rock bands to represent their countries. One of those bands caught not just our eye but the organisers of Germany’s Wacken Festival, where they were invited to play. We head to the other side of Europe to bring you our Band of the Month for August, Georgia’s Scratch The Floor.

The band started off in 2010 with 5 friends who wanted to have fun doing something they love, creating music. First off it was considered as a Nu Metal project, but as the years passed, the band changed several members and their direction in genre. Nowadays STF plays modern heavy metal with some elements of Nu and Alternative Metal.

Sidney Shaw - Vocals
Sick Meskhy - Guitar
Irakli Bregvadze - Guitar
Steve Kochlashvili - Bass
Aka Kharebashvili - Drums

At this point, the influence may come from some dark material, as well as from pop artists, the huge influence was coming from the bands like: Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Godsmack and Vodka Vtrayom.

Sounds Like:
You tell us

Current release and where it's available:
We have one self-titled album, and one EP called Rage It's available on our Soundcloud and Youtube.

What is the rock / metal scene like in Georgia:
Comparing to any major festivals in US or Europe, it's still evolving in here and every year more people visit the Rock / Metal fests

Any other Georgian bands you would recommend:
Loudspeakers, Lady Heroine, Dark Matter, Third Side Justice , Psychonaut 4

Tbilisi recently hit the headlines over here because of the floods and zoo animals. How are things in the capital now:
It was a real tragedy for the city, there were casualties and lots of families were left without homes. But it was also a wake-up call for the citizens to stand together in the time of need, stand for each other and we, with hundreds of other volunteers did our best to help the reconstruction process. It was soon back to normal, people who lost everything in the flood are taken care of by now, but there are still roadworks in progress, and some actions have been triggered to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.

Future Plans for STF:
We will keep doing what we love and do our best to perform in front of larger audiences. We're about to finish our second EP Hellhound and will probably shoot a music video for one of the tracks. As long as there are people who enjoy our music, we won't stop making it.

You played the Main Stage of Tbilisi Open Air Festival supporting Black Label Society, how did the day go:
There were some complications with timing at that day and some of the bands were unable to perform, including us. But we played at the final day of the festival and it was amazing, the headliner was Placebo and for us it was still a great honour to perform before such a major band.

Even better than Tbilisi Open Air, you won a competition to play at Wacken this year. Firstly congratulations, how did that happen and more important, how was the festival:
For last three years Caucasus took part in Wacken Metal Battle, that allows one band from different regions participate and perform at W:O:A. this year we were the lucky winners and had the pleasure to get on stage of this legendary festival. It was a great experience and a huge opportunity for us to show ourselves to bigger audience, everything went well, we enjoyed performing as well as listening to some of our favourite bands, including In Flames, Combichrist, Ill Nino, etc.

If you were the president for one day, what would you do:
I'd probably throw a huge party in the centre of the city that'd last for 24 hours, with good live music, and of course free drinks and food! I would not care about the budget next day cuz i won't be a president anymore.