When we did our Alternative Eurovision earlier in the year, it opened our eyes to the talent that is in Europe. November’s Band of the Month Ann My Guard hail from Hungary but you don’t have to head over Budapest to see them, they are about to set off on their debut UK tour. Our European contacts tell us they are definitely worth checking out live, so go see them when they hit a town near you.

Our thanks to front woman Eszter for answering our questions.

A Hungarian melodic metal band formed in 2007 by singer-bassist Eszter Anna Baumann. Their first EP, Cinderella's Syndrome came out in 2010. Its second song, called Gone, was invited to be on an American promotional record (Kill City series). That was when they got the first positive international reactions. Their popularity in Hungary was grown by the broadcasting of a report within the Hungarian X Factor, in which Ann my Guard's lead singer Anna had been invited to introduce the band. In the summer of 2011 they recorded their second EP: Doll Metal with rock producer Zoltan Varga at Supersize Recordings. Their first official music video came out in August 2012 to Preparation the first track on the Doll Metal EP. Ann my Guard's first album Innocence Descent came out in April 2014 produced by Gabor Vari at Black Hole Sound. From 2015 they started to work with UK-based indie label Shamanize Records. After additional mixing by Dark Moon Audio in the UK the album got mastered by Pete Maher for Shamanize Records. Now the band is on their first European tour.

Eszter Anna Baumann - vocals, bass, flute
Krisztian Varga - guitars
Norbert Tobola - drums

90's female Rock scene and Scandinavian Melodic Rock bands.

Sounds Like:
Imagine the love child of Courtney Love and Evanescence raised by PJ Harvey and you’re somewhere close!

Current release:
Debut album, Innocence Descent, available at:


What is the music scene like in Hungary and upcoming artists that you recommend:
Unfortunately underground and alternative bands are not supported. But it is like anywhere else I guess. It is very hard to get known, also to perform your own art is a very risky thing. You have to be very determined and patient. Because Hungary is a very small country, you have to know everybody in the current music industry. Otherwise, you have little chance to get on.

We have really talented musicians who need support. So make sure to check out some great bands like Alone in the Moon, Dystopia, Apey and the Pea or Dreamgrave. They are as professional as the most of the well-known bands out there.

What are you most looking forward to on your upcoming UK tour:
Everything basically. We are really looking forward to our UK debut and pretty excited. I've got a chance to visit to London several times, but never been to the other cities before. Hopefully we will meet great people and great bands who we can cooperate with in the future.

Future Plans:
Hopefully our Europe tour is continuing next year with more stops, also we are going to record our second album in spring. So soon I'll get home, I will sit down and finish my new demo tracks. I've got many ideas, I just need to fix them with the guys and prepare them for the forthcoming work in the studio.

UK Tour dates are:
6th, T. Chances, London
7th, Sanctuary, Basingstoke
8th, The Arches, Coventry
9th, O'Riley's, Hull
10th, The Shed, Leicester
11th, Percy's, Whitchurch
12th, Grand Central, Manchester
13th, Utopia, Bridlington
14th, The Fenton, Leeds

If you were the prime minister for one day, what would you do:
Maybe I would form a coalition with Dave Grohl, buy up all the record labels on the planet and establish our own label for all the talented unknown artists.

If you could go back to any time in history, where would you go and why:
Well I don't know who to say. Maybe a strong female warrior like Jeanne d'Arc or poet like Emily Dickinson. If I could be a man, I would definitely choose Oscar Wilde! I also love the culture of the old Egypt and Greece. But I know that I had previous lives where I got probably executed or murdered for some reason, I have terrible feelings of this, so I am totally fine right here in the present time :)

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers:
I hope that we will see you at one of our UK shows! We are really excited to meet you somewhere around!


To finish, here is Ann My Guards newest song which is a cover of Silent Hill: