R13:So guys introduce yourselves to the masses...

JR: My name's Johnny Rocker. I play rhythm guitar.
CR: My name's Chris Rivers. I play the drums.

R13:Everyone's comparing you to the Darkness, but how do you describe your music?

JR: I don't think we're much like them at all. The similarities are that we're both in a rock band. We're a bit more like Aerosmith or AC/DC, Guns N Roses, that kind of thing, that's where we draw our influences from. That's pretty much where we're at.

R13:How did you get together?

CR: Johnny and Robbie the bass player were in a band in London about three/four years ago. They hooked up with Laurie our manager and basically the band went on from there. Various members over the last couple of years. I joined about two years ago. Richie joined eighteen months ago as well so it's just basically evolved over the past three years kind of thing.

R13:Laurie seems to be a big part of your band.

JR: He's our producer, he helps us get what we want out of it.

R13:What do you want to get out of it?

JR: We just want to be an ultra wicked rock and roll band.
CR: Play music. We want to play from our influences, bring it all together and enjoy what we do.

R13:Word on the street says you always seem too big for small venues.

JR: Well that's it. We always have a bit of a hard time on small stages because we like to put on a bit of a show. When you're all pumped up it's a bit hard to do anything.
R13: Good Luck in the Barfly then!!!
JR: Yeah it's a bit small down there innit. When we're on a bigger stage we feel a bit more at home, we can put on a proper show and do. Ideally we want to do stadiums but you know, a while to go yet.

R13:You're signed to Sanctuary, how did that come about?

JR: That came about through John Kalodner, A&R man, American dude. We got signed through Sanctuary US, we're signed worldwide but we didn't get signed in this country. Laurie sent him a copy of our record with a note saying that you're going to want to sign these so just give us a call when you're ready. So he phoned up and said 'yeah, I'll come over'. We signed last year and recorded the record and put the E.P. out 'Get This'. Since then we've been doing a bit of touring and the albums nearly finished.


JR: We haven't got a name for it yet, we're still throwing names in the hat but Led Zepplin Six was one. No, we ain't got no names. We've recorded about sixteen songs and then we'll probably pick sort of ten of them and maybe one off the E.P, maybe 'Roadstar'.

R13:You're currently touring with The Black Velvets and The Glitterati, are you getting on?

JR: It's cool, yeah, two other wicked bands on the tour, both cool people. It's the best tour we've done in terms of like the other bands that are on the bill.
CR: The audience has been great too. It's been a good turn out too.
JR: Yep a lot of them have sold out.
CR: This is our sixth or seventh gig and there haven't been any quiet gigs anywhere.
JR: What, debauched stories? There's not been much going on so far, we're planning a big party at the end.

R13:So how do you spend a usual day on tour?

JR: It depends where we are, I mean if we have to travel our tour bus ain't the most luxurious bus in the world. It's not like a massive sleeperbus it's pretty uncomfortable. If we get there early we'll have a look round and go for something to eat or something. We don't usually party till after the gig.

R13:Where has the best gig been so far on tour?

CR: Nottingham [Rock City] was pretty good.
JR: We haven't had any crazy stories. I mean tonight's going to be good. We've got a lot of friends coming down because our singer's from Wales.

R13:How about the best gig of your career?

JR: Brixton Academy. The dates we did with Nickelback were pretty good. Manchester Apollo was a top night. That was last November.
CR: Download festival was fantastic, we're there again this year.

R13:Will you be appearing at any other festivals?

JR: We might get out to some European ones. We've got to wait till we finish our album so we know if we can do it.

R13:I heard you like to go over the top when performing so what would be the set up for your ideal show?

CR: Gotta have something to do with flames, flying drum solos, flying people, crazy shit, fireworks, clowns, midgets, buffalo, kangaroos.
JR: A live zoo, though it might not be that fair on the animals, what about stuffed animals? Headlining over Metallica, that would be a good day. Then we'd have a party and Jim Morrison would be there and Jimi Hendrix would come along.
CR: It's gotta be in Australia for the kangaroos.