Consistently one of our favourite festivals on the calendar each year, Desertfest is once again on the horizon with just a matter of weeks to go before the desert scene descends on London once again. Taking place in various venues across Camden Town, Desertfest will run across the weekend of 28th-30th April featuring no less than SIXTY performances.

To get you in the groove and to help you go on a bit of a pre-festival discovery mission we've put together a HUGE playlist featuring every band on the line-up (well apart from the small handful which weren't on Spotify). Stick this on shuffle and immerse yourself in everything Desertfest 2017 has to offer.

Head over to the following link for a full rundown of the stage splits and set times for Desertfest this year:

Ticket packages are also still available. Go to now for purchases. ALWAYS ensure you follow the official ticket outlets.

Without any further ado then: