The desert is set to roll in to Camden once again very soon, bringing a mix of legends and impressive rising giants in the world of Stoner, Doom and Metal in what has easily become one of our favourite events on the calendar every single year. We hope you've been enjoying our absolutely HUGE Desertfest 2017 playlist - - and that it's started to get you suitably warmed up for the barrage of riffs that are incoming. The next two preview features will give you a full rundown of our TOP picks for each day including the headliners for each stage. As with any festival, some choices will need to be made where clashes arise so we hope this preview will help guide you along the way!



Slo Burn - The Electric Ballroom - 22:00-23:15


Whilst their initial run was relatively short-lived, the influence and importance of Slo Burn in this scene has always remained strong. Formed by John Garcia of Kyuss fame, the band never actually got round to releasing a full length studio release, but the two EPs they did record have always been a very popular segment of Garcia's long career. At the time they served as the perfect antidote for those mourning the split of Kyuss, but as is clear by their headlining status at this year's Desertfest they've got a small arsenal of tracks which have made a lasting impression for sure.

The Picturebooks - The Underworld - 20:45-22:00


Headlining what is effectively the "second stage" on the Friday night are the German alternative duo The Picturebooks. Following the release of their new album Home Is A Heartache last month, the band have continually raised their profile, especially live where they've been part of festivals and events across the UK and the rest of Europe. Giving something a little different in comparison to most of their peers on Desertfest weekend, their set is definitely well worth sticking your head in to.

Zombi - The Black Heart - 22:00-23:15


Heading across the road, another unique duo are set to take to the stage headlining The Black Heart on the first night. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Zombi are a heavy space rock unit who implement these vast, sprawling soundscapes using synthesisers and whole host of electronic tools at the core. We can promise you that with a set time of just over an hour, the duo have more than enough time to reach deep in to your brain for what should be a truly mesmerising set.

Apey & The Pea - The Devonshire Arms - 21:00-22:00


For the first two nights of Desertfest this year, The Devonshire Arms will play host to the event's fourth stage providing a mix of smaller local groups as well as bands from further afield who will be looking to stamp their mark on the festival for many years to come. The first of these nights will feature the Hungarian Sludge/Doom unit Apey & The Pea - a band who are not afraid of playing seriously loud and very heavy indeed.

Best Of The Rest!

Lowrider - The Electric Ballroom - 20:15-21:15


It is fair to say that on any other given year Lowrider could well headline this event. Much like with Slo Burn, their run was relatively short-lived but their name and influence in this scene has been huge. Hailing from Sweden, Lowrider did a lot to develop the Stoner scene in that country and since their full return in 2013 have been very active live and have promised some new material is on its way!

Vodun - The Underworld - 17:45-18:45


Definitely one of the absolute 'must-see' performances across the weekend, Vodun's eclectic style sounds great on record but live they're a completely different beast. As powerful as they are unique, Vodun have every chance of being the band of the weekend.

Terminal Cheesecake - The Black Heart - 20:15-21:15


Ok, so we've partly chosen this one because of that superb band name, but musically as well Terminal Cheesecake are certainly one of the more interesting additions to Desertfest this year. Now fronted by Gnod's Neil Francis, Terminal Cheesecake have actually got quite a storied history with their breed of alternative rock mixed alongside a heavy dose of psychedelia contributing to them having quite the cult following.