Room Thirteen chats to Oderus Urungus from the most incredible, mighty hideous, mutated group of Scumdog warriors that is GWAR.

Room Thirteen: So how does it feel to have to rely on mere earthlings to cart your stage junk around? Must be a letdown after your adventures with space pirates!
Oderus Urungus: This whole planet has been a let down. I'm kind of looking at it as humans would "sleeping in". In bed all day, living my life on earth, playing rock and roll shows and living the life of a peasant with meaningless gallantry.

R13: Charging around space with the Scumdogs of the Universe, I presume you would steal you'd just steal stuff to eat; now you're on Earth do you find shopping in supermarkets difficult?
OU: I don't shop, I don't need anything. The only thing I do need is crack and I don't really find much of that in mainland Europe, however now I'm in England I have seen plenty of it. I have been wearing the same clothing for 8 billion eons, I've been using the same sword, so no I don't seem to need to shop. Actually I'm more of a chopper than a shopper.

R13: You've been around for a while now and have gathered a rather impressive collection of releases. What's your favourite?
OU: I would have to say may favourite release would have to be the release that I am going to release onto the faces of the British tonight with my filth cum clinging porno machine that hangs between my legs.
R13: What is your least favourite release?
OU: All of our albums! They have never really captured the spirit of my sperms flying free and clogging up the air. Clogged, air, Sperm. Hmmm, Air Clogged Sperm is going to be the name of the next album.

R13: Have you ever been freaked out by a question an interviewer has asked?
OU: The only time I was ever freaked out really was by the lack of questions! Most people suck but this is a good one!

R13: I'll take that as a no then! Did you ever consider indulging in a little necrophilia when the pope died?
OU: Oh yeah, we stole his body immediately and did our best to regenerate him with the obligatory GWAR necrophilic combat. We laid him on a crystal slab in Mecca and we got a bunch of Jewish people to be there. We put him in a mineral bath he fizzed up and it all sort of turned into a Pope soup. Everyone was bathing in it and it was actually quite nice. So then they said "Lets elect a Nazi Pope".
R13: So Pope Benedict is actually a Nazi Pope?
OU: Well Benedict also known as Bin-a-dick, so basically he's been a dick and he's a Nazi. After you had the nice Polish Pope who was kind of funny and kept spiting up on himself, we have just erased all of that and gone from the Poles to the Germans. What's next? You have George Bush, a German Pope, perhaps a regenerated gay Hitler!

R13: You've got an hour to live. What would you rather have sex with: a monkey or something with 5 legs and tentacles giving off a distinct smell of raspberries?
OU: Definitely the latter, I'm really into raspberries!

R13: How long does it take you to get into costume?
OU: Well it helps to never take it off but I would say 30-40 hours. Basically I will lie there for 3 or four hours then put my arm out then I will sort of roll over and sort of sleep my way into the arm hole.
R13: Do you have a preferred brand of lubricant to make the process easier?
OU: Whale Mung is my preferred brand!

R13: Have you ever gotten with a lady only to find that you're got a rash from your costume?
OU: What, where I have just had to go snog her right there in the mott closet? Yeah every night that's why I have my sword so I can hack women away. They just throw themselves at me all the time. Have you seen the video of salmon when they jump up river? Well that's like me at the top of the stream ejaculating and women trying to eat their way up my stringy sperm column.

R13: How do you go about recording your albums? Does it involve large quantities of rubber and space swords?
OU: Yes there is violence continually. Actually I don't know that much about the albums. They usually just say Oderus show up and get ready to yell. I get there and they will say "hey there is no beer tonight" and I'll shout and scream and they will record me. Next thing I know there is an album out.

R13: And finally, LOTR released a huge DVD box set that included a commentary from the Hobbits on how their prosthetic feet got stuck on. Do you have any plans to release anything similar?
OU: We will never stop whoring ourselves out at every level and when we cease to stop making money out of dressing ourselves up as rubber monsters, we will gladly sell out all out secrets for as much money as possible. Though by then it probably won't be much of a secret, it's just a thong with a load of latex stuck on. Far more important is the bravery, the dedication and the drunkenness that is GWAR!

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