Whist sitting at home Jamie Giarraputo answers a few questions about the band, their latest EP and hamster gang bangs!

Room Thirteen: First, could you please introduce yourself and explain your role within the band.
Jamie Giarraputo: Hello! I am Jamie and I'm the lead vocalist for Year:Zero.

R13: Where are you now?
JG: At home.
R13: What are you doing?
JG: I'm on my computer, answering these questions with a cup of tea... and my biscuit's fallen in it.
R13: What are you wearing?
JG: Nothing but a smile and a few Biscuit crumbs.

R13: For those that haven't heard your music before can you describe it in a few words.
JG: Energetic, passion filled, melodic, dynamic and ... ROCK!

R13: You have only been together a couple of years, how did it all start?
JG: It's a long story, but we all met along the way. We all shared a mutual love for music and decided to put it into practice. We are now trying to make a full time commitment out of it.
R13: Were you all friends beforehand?
JG: Yeah.
R13: Do you get on well?
JG: Yeah I would say so. We have our little disagreements but overall we are all really close.

R13: Have band relations changed since you started?
JG: Only in the sense that our original bass player left recently and we have a new guy called Lewis. In general though, we are all the same people we were before.
R13: Do you feel you're closer now than before?
JG: I personally feel closer to the rest of the guys. I feel that I know each of them as individuals really well.

R13: Who would you say your major influences were?
JG: Just life. Everything that happens in this world is inspiration enough! Musically the list is too long but I'm loving Mars Volta at the moment.
R13: Who would you least like to be compared to?
JG: Neil Diamond.

R13: Would you say your music had a message to listeners?
JG: Not sure really. It's a message to myself as it always reminds me of what is going on in the world and if listeners latch on to that, then I'm happy!
R13: Anything political you wish to say?
JG: Not right now, in fact, listen to the first line of 'This is Popular Culture' on our new EP and it kind of sums up this whole 'political' thing. Politics interests me, but its not all I write about!

R13: Your latest EP 'With A Menshevik Stride' is out on the 6th June. Can you explain the sound of this EP.
JG: It's varied in sound whereby each track has a different texture musically and lyrically.
R13: Do you have a favourite track?
JG: 'This is popular culture through the eyes of a drunk' is my favourite track.
R13: Why should people buy this EP?
JG: Because we always appreciate support from new listeners and because it rocks!

R13: You have also toured with Days of Worth, what was this like?
JG: Fun, we are actually playing with them at the Barfly soon.
R13: Did you get on with the guys?
JG: Yes.
R13: Any freaky stories to tell?
JG: Not really, except I saw a bearded lady the other day and it put me off my sandwich.
R13: Any really good shows?
JG: Too many to mention.
R13: Any really bad shows?
JG: Too few to mention.

R13: What does the rest of 2005 hold for Year:Zero?
JG: Song writing, gigging, song writing, more gigging, discuss a deal to release the album, record the album, release the album and there is more gigging...

R13: Do you feel you have achieved your 2003 goal that was to turn Year:Zero into a full-time proposition?
JG: Not yet. It's steadily taking over our lives and becoming more professional, however, the lack of label backing and financial support makes it hard. Hopefully that should be change pretty soon though, so watch this space!

R13: And finally, could you please write a short story about Issabel, her three legged hamster called Jake and how they achieved fame in the 2005 Pig Racing Championships.
JG: Blonde hair, blue eyes and a pearly white smile, her name was Issabel. She was the legend of the town, along with her hamster Jake. They were famous for many things, but mainly winning the pig racing championships 2005... oh and for the first girl/hamster/pig gang bang... The End.

'With A Menshevik Stride' is out on the 6th June. For more information please see their website www.yearzero.co.uk