R13:So then, when did Shaped By Fate get together?
BDJ:About four years ago.
RB:Well Lee (our bassist) and I had been playing in a band together for some time and we got Ben in as a new vocalist, because it wasn’t working out with the guy we had. We did a bunch of shows as a four piece but it was when we got Luke in as a second guitarist that it really began to take shape.
BDJ:To be honest the current line-up has only been together for about a year and a half, something like that with Owen on the drums. It's changed over the years and it's taken us a while to really find ourselves.

R13:How do you describe your music?
RB:Well it’s predominantly aggressive music – it’s rooted in metal but with a hardcore influence and hopefully enough innovation to set us apart and give us our own identity. Ideally we want all our music to have no weaknesses and to be thoroughly powerful – we are very harsh editors of what we write.

R13:What sort of influences?
BDJ:I'm a big Bjork fan myself. Just metal, a lot of hardcore stuff like ISIS, punk as well I guess. Just everything. We just try to do what we want to do and it just comes together. A metal massacre, a metal mission.
RB:Like most bands, our influences kind of stretch across the board, but I think it’s very important to us to be focused on what this band actually writes...like you can use influences without sounding like them, and you can’t be everything at once.

R13:Your EP 'Brightest Lights Cast The Darkest Shadows' has been rumored for release for absolutely ages, what's going on there then?
RB:Well to be honest there haven’t really been any problems with getting this release together – the dates never changed. We had it remastered a couple of times just to get it right but we delivered the tracks and the artwork on time. It’s just the best time to put it out, for us and Beniihana Records.
BDJ:Yeah, we've sent it to Germany now to get it pressed. It's on its way, 1st July, to coincide with our European tour. I don't know if it's coming out over here but it should be available over the internet, mainland Europe really. Three of the tracks are from the split EP with Johnny Mental.

R13Have you plans for a release party?
BDJ:We had a release party for our last one, so maybe we could put on another one. There's no plan yet, we'll see what we can do.

R13:Where's your favourite venue to play?
BDJ:I like Barfly (Cardiff) because it's so damn small and it's quite personal. I like small venues when there's not much
between me and the crowd. Being up on a big stage makes me think of big fuck off cock rock bands. Prefer smaller venues like The Croft in Bristol, though having said that we played the Camden Underworld once and that was such a rush!
RB:Although personally I find Cardiff Barfly to be too cramped – generally we all love the smaller venues – there’s so much more energy and intensity. The coolest venue however has to be Satan’s Hollow in Manchester – that place is amazing.

R13:Who are the best and worst bands you've played with so far?
BDJ:Fuck best band?...Over four years? Oh actually thinking about it...right, probably the band I'm proudest to say I've played with are Every Time I Die. We played with them when they came over just before their 'Hot Damn!' album. I am a massive fan so it was like 'meet your idols', but that was quite a long time ago now.
RB:We have played with an endless number of terrible bands – those who just suck and worse still those who suck and think they’re the greatest thing ever. But I don’t think naming them is a good idea - I’m sure plenty of other people tell them they’re shit on a regular basis. My favourite band we’ve played with would have to be Walls of Jericho, and we’re lucky enough to be playing with them again this month.

R13:You have pretty mental shows, any major injuries as a

BDJ:Luke actually tried to kick me once after I'd kicked him and he ended up kicking a pillar because I jumped out the way in the nick of time. His ankle still hasn't fully recovered from that. I've had my head sliced open on the roof of TJ's (Newport) when it used to look like a cave. I was on someone's shoulders and they ran me into a big fuckin' stalactite. Guitars in the face, broken teeth. I've broken my nose twice. All good fun then.
RB:An equal amount of injuries go to our guitars too – we virtually have a guitar graveyard of destroyed instruments...

R13:Shaped By Fate are appearing at a quite a few one day
festivals this year, which are you most looking forward to?

BDJ:Definitely I'd have to say the Ghostfest (Leeds), we're playing like the 5th/6th slot, loads of great bands so I think we're going up for the two days to watch it all. It's just a fucking amazing idea for a festival, just a shame it's in Leeds and not Cardiff.
RB:Yeah the line up for this one is great – amazing bands who we also get on really well with like Johnny Truant and Eden Maine, and some well chosen up and coming bands like Bring me The Horizon, Carbine, Architects.. it’s going to be fun! Also the Plan B festival in Germany – the first date of our tour, that will be exciting.

R13:Future plans then?
BDJ:As far as the band goes just push it to the next level. Getting a record label signing in Britain and just doing a shitload more shows with some really cool bands.
RB: Our next big goal is to get an awesome record out – a full album that truly represents this band and that we’re totally proud of. We’re building up a good set of songs for this and hopefully our next release will be the full length.

R13:What's the best piece of advice you've been given recently?
BDJ:The best piece of advice was left on our forum that said 'make the most of your Nan as she won't be around forever'. I guess that's the pretty good advice because my Nan has got emphysema which is real fuckin shitty so I intend to go see her real soon.