After a great performance on the Download Napster stage, Slunt take time out to have a brief chat with R13.

Slunt are:
Charles Ruggiero - Drums
Abbi Gennett - Guitar/Vocals
Ilse Baca - Bass
Patrick Harrington - Guitar

Room Thirteen: What three words best describe your music?
Charles Ruggiero:Big Fat Cock!
Ilse Baca: From a female perspective... Big Fat Cock!
Abbi Gennett: And from another female perspective... Dirty Fat Cock!
Patrick Harrington: There's nothing like fucking a guy after he's just run the marathon!

R13: Being a performer I presume there are many nerve wracking moments on stage, what would be your most embarrassing?
CR: One night I forgot to clean out my guitar and it took me ages to sort it out. It all turned out well though as Charles had to do a solo and everyone came up after and said that he rocked!

R13: What makes your show so special that festival goers should be sorry they missed it?
IB: There is nothing really special apart from it's fucking rock and roll. If you like rock and roll you should come see a Slunt show!

R13: Most bizarre place you have ever had sex at a festival?
IB: In the Bathroom, in a tent and with a dog!

R13: If you had a pet badger, what would you call it?
IB: Pet my beaver
CR: I'd call mine Valentine
Everyone: Awwwwww!!
AG: He's a real romantic
PH: Aren't badgers those animals that go "gnash gnash gnash"?
IB: I'd skin in and eat it! I love eating animals.
PH: If you would like us to steal your foetus mail it to...
IB: Send us forty pounds of your foetus and we will steal it!
CR: Our next album is going to be called "Forty Pounds of Foetus"
IB: Can you tell we watched Channel 5 last night?

R13: What three things could you not come to Download without?
CR: Each other!
IB: My wings, my sword and my lips!
PH: And pot!

R13: What's the best part of your body to photograph?
PH: My armpit
CR: My balls

R13: Who's the smelliest band member?
PH: No question it's Charles! He's Italian!
IB: He doesn't brush his teeth until after breakfast and with us that could be after 1pm!
PH: And his bottom is the smelliest too!
IB: Abbi and I use a lot of oils to mask the scent.
CR: I think this question should be turned into how the oils are applied!

R13: Where does your band name come from?
AG: A friend of a friend made it up and we just said yes!

R13: Have you called your mum today?
IB: Yeah I did!
R13: What did you say to her?
CR: They have no tofu!
AG: I called my man and told him to call my mother.

R13: Which bands will you definitely be watching tonight?
CR: MC5, Motorhead, Slayer.
IB: MC5, Motorhead and Velvet Revolver
PH: Motorhead, MC5.
IB: MC5, Motorhead!
AG: We're going on a European tour with Motorhead in October

R13: If people want to catch you after Download when's your next gig?
AG: We are currently on a UK tour at the moment with the first gig being Monday 13th June 2005 at the Soundhaus in Northampton

For more information on their latest UK tour please see