After an amazing performance on the Napster stage and an awesome private acoustic performance for Kerang! Radio, Planet of Women take time out to have a brief chat with R13.

Planet of Women are:
Jade - Vocals
Nina - Backing Vocals
Jolene - Backing Vocals

Room Thirteen: What three words best describe your music?
Nina: Rock 'N' Roll

R13: Being a performer I presume there are many nervous wracking moments on stage but what would be your most embarrassing?
Jade: Not with Planet of Women but my most embarrassing moment is falling onto a drum kit and hurting my bottom.
Nina: Mine was with Planet of Women when I came off stage one time and the bassist kindly told me I had been showing my bottom off as my skirt had half fallen down. I think all of us have had our boobs or arses fall out at one point or another!
Jade: The worst thing is that you're totally focussed on your performance but you can feel a foreign matter way higher than it should be and you have got to hitch it down!
Jolene: I have a top that has a bit of cotton on it and someone on our website posted about a great set but pity she had a nipple showing on stage! I got really embarrassed!

R13: What makes your show so special that festival goers should be sorry they missed it?
Nina: I don't think it's really about it being so special but more about we believe in what we are doing, believe in each other. If there had been four people there today or the tent had been packed (like it was) we would have delivered the same show. We would have been a little disheartened as who wouldn't, if there had only been four people. Perhaps if people read this interview and realise that we are all about strong stolid vocals that will be enough for them to want to come and see us. In music people often stumble across stuff that they wouldn't have normally listened to and I hope those that didn't see our show today get told what a good show it was and come see us on tour.

R13: Would you say that was the best thing about festivals, as you get to listen to music you wouldn't normally listen to?
Jade: Yes, we played Download last year at 11am and we got the same sort of crowds we normally do. This year we were opening the show and as they were late opening the doors we were walking down there and the place was empty! Any band no matter how big they are when they were small time their worst fear would be to play to an audience with no-one in it! When we actually walked on stage the reception was absolutely amazing.
Nina: We even had people come up to us and say that they saw us last year and came to check us out this year as well.
Jade: Full credit to our Manager and Xtaster who promoted us too. Our manager was stood just outside the tent shouting like a market tradesman,"Planet of Women - Napster Stage!"

R13: What three things could you not come to Download without?
All: Lip-gloss
Nina: Hair straighteners!
Jolene: And a spare pair of boots!
Jade: There is a really funny story about this ... I was on my way to the Napster stage and everything was fine. As I walked into the tent I thought that my heal was sinking into the grass. As I looked down I realised that it was not and actually my heal had fallen off!! We had to quickly run back and get another pair before the live set with Kerrang! Radio.
Jolene: Oh and a tent and there is a story behind that one too! We knew we were coming here so Jade was supposed to organise a big tent for us all to sleep in, but the hire company got it all wrong so we actually have a marquee with just two sides!

R13: Is there much difference to your on stage electric set to that of the acoustic you have just recorded for Kerrang! Radio?
Jade: There is a big contrast but both have been an extreme pleasure and the highlight of this weekend.

R13: If you had a pet badger, what would you call it?
Jade: If I had a pet badger I would call it Jimmy Paige [big plug for their latest single] and if you let me get away with that one I will call my other pet badger Noddy!

R13: What's the best part of you body to photograph?
Jade: I have shit belly, shit breasts but great legs!
Jolene: I have a lovely left nipple!
Nina: And I'm a right tit!

R13: If people want to catch you after Download when's you next gig?
Jolene: Next Saturday in Stourbridge and all the information is available on our website!

Planet of Women are a great band with an amazing attitude, for more information on all their latest shows please see