After their set at Download Room Thirteen got chance to speak to Panic Cell's Luke Bell.

Room Thirteen: You have done a lot of gigs so far how do you tailor make your sets to meet the audience's needs?
Luke Bell: It all depends on where you're playing. Festivals are the ultimate, not as far as sound goes as you can't always hear yourself back but you just try to work out the best set you can.

R13: You have had some great live reviews and everyone seems to have some sort of opinion on you. How do you feel you show your devotion to the band on stage?
LB: With huge grin! Live is where is where we work best. We don't mind recording but we have so much fun on stage. Shows like today where you have a few thousand people all putting their hands in the air and singing your songs back at you is great. It gives us all a reason to live!
R13: Have you ever considered dressing up on stage or do you think your music speaks for itself?
LB: I have no problem with people who dress up on stage but I just don't think it's for us. The guys are old school rock and roll stars who like to jump about on stage, bash each other up a bit and generally urge each other on! I was backstage watching Lordi yesterday and it was great to watch this 7 foot singer in all his glory but as soon as he came off stage he said "Right I'm going to get changed!"

R13: You have also had some great reactions from the press who have described you as (to put it bluntly) "Fucking awesome". Do you feel pressurised to live up to this hype?
LB: We've been very lucky and had a few live reviews in Kerrang! which have been very complementary. However we did have a poor album review but it's all down to the individual. From a live point of view pretty much every review we've had has been good
R13: Have you considered doing a live album?
LB: No but it's a good idea! We would be more likely to do a DVD but I'm sure it would be fun to do! Unfortunately that sort of thing takes money and organisation which being independent is one thing we don't have.

R13: With all the touring you're doing at the moment, do you find it takes its toll on other aspects of your life at all?
LB: Yes definitely as it does take us away a lot. However everyone seems to be fairly understanding and supportive as they know we are totally committed to this band. We want to go as far as possible.

R13: Have you been writing any new material recently?
LB: Yeah we have half a dozen or so songs and a few more shaping up very nicely. We're just waiting for a record label to pick them up. We are in talks with one at the moment but these things take time.

R13: You seem to big pals with American Head Charge and you have both just done a gig in Glasgow with Mudvayne. Will you be playing with them in the future?
LB: Mudvayne possibly and American Head Charge almost certainly! American Head Charge have been on about taking us out to the states for a tour towards the end of the year. It's all talk till you're actually on the plane but they are committed to doing that with us as we all get on very well together.
R13: Are there any other artists on the bill you would like to team up with?
LB: Yeah loads, too many to mention!

R13: Where would you have liked to have seen yourself on the bill?
LB: Probably where American Head Charge were, third or fourth on the Snickers stage.
R13: Not on the main stage?
LB: Having seen bands play on all the stages I think we would be best suited to the Snickers stage and if we are lucky enough to be able to come back next year I hope we can play there!
R13: Were you surprised at how low down AHC were on the bill?
LB: Well it was all a last minute thing and they weren't even sure that they would be playing and having not been back to the UK since Bryan died, they saw Download as a fitting tribute. Meeting them in Glasgow last week was hard and very upsetting as it was the first time we had seen them since Bryan had passed away. We all loved Bryan and had spent many a time with him on tour. It was very saddening to hear only a week after we had spent ages on tour with him, he had passed away. They did the right thing picking themselves up and carrying on and they are lucky to have Benji as he's an excellent guitarist.

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