R13: So introductions...
V: Vince - rhythm guitar.
S: Steffen - lead guitarist.
T: Tom, I play drums.
M: I'm the singer, Matt - Danny is the bass player but I think he's off getting drunk somewhere...

R13: How long have you guys been together?
S: 6 Months.

R13: How did you get together? Were you friends?
S: Yeah, we were together getting drunk at Christmas and started writing songs and stuff. We got the first song done, and we asked Matt to join us. He was in another band as a bass player - he had played in another band with Tom before. It was hard for me to sing and play guitar at the same time. We then got Danny in to play bass.

R13: Who writes the lyrics and music?
M: I do the lyrics and Vince does the music, and then we sort of bunch together to finish it up. It can be a long process.
Amanda (Manager): ...And smoke dope!
T: Oh no, not us. No....
A: (laughing) Whatever...

R13: So where do you guys go from here?
M: We are recording an EP on July 3rd in Outhouse Studios, Reading, with a guy named John Mitchell who's done the pre-production on Funeral For A Friend's...(turns to the other band members), is it the first or the second...?
S: Their second album.
M: Their second.
A: Yeah, Joe Gibb did their first one.
M: Yeah, their second album. So, yeah, get the EP out and promote it.

R13: When will that be available?
M: End of July or early August.

R13: Where can it be purchased? Have you got a website?
V: I'm trying to get a website together.
M: Yeah, but we're on Myspace at the moment. We hope to have a Webstore soon for people to buy are stuff from. We're gonna self release it. It (the EP) will be on our own, well, Tom's own label.
T: Yeah, Hopefully just sell it on the internet to start with. We're still sorting out distribution.

R13: How would you describe your sound?
V: Always a hard one!
S: What we're playing at the moment, but a lot heavier and harder. We rushed these songs tonight. It's the first time we've played here, but it's coming together well.

R13: What are your favourite bands?
V: Thrice.
S: Ataris.
T: Brand New.
M: Midtown - I really love those guys.
T: Danny loves Taking Back Sunday.