R13: Having toured with the Kings of Leon last year, how are you finding the crowd's reaction from then and now?
MP: It's real similar to them. I think there are quite a few more people who know who we are this time though. There might be a little bit more excitement when we come onstage. We can't complain at all.

R13: As you are currently on a major UK tour would you say you have any major UK influences?
MP: As far as UK influences go, there are a lot of older acts like The Kinks and The Rolling Stones. With newer bands from the UK, there's a band called Clinic I like. There are a lot of good bands out right now.

R13: You have recently released your debut album, what are your hopes for it?
MP: We're not expecting a whole lot, we just want to put this album out, have people enjoy it and do another one. If we could build a fanbase slowly, that would be great. We're not really hoping to get a crowd like the Kings of Leon immediately.

R13: Do you have any thoughts for a follow up record or are you happy promoting this album?
MP: We have a problem with anything we play for three to four months. We're constantly writing new songs and we've plenty of material for a new album.

R13: The band's website is impressive and offers a variety of downloads. Do bands need to be aware of the technology available to them nowadays?
MP: Definitely. I don't think it hurts you know. It's a really good idea and it's been used really well. There are a lot of possibilities from the Internet and we try to take advantage of it as much as we can.

R13: The band's backdrop is quite impressive, is there need to be aware of the marketing and branding issues as well?
MP: Yeah. A lot of bands maybe get signed for the wrong reasons. I wouldn't name any of them but they exist. There are a lot of good-looking people out there playing bad music. So it is important but I don't think about it a lot.

R13: When on tour, do you have manage to get time off or is all work and some play?
MP: We don't really see much on tour. It's the van, motel room and venue. If we have time, we will try and do something fun like bowling or go-karts. The other day we were go-karting just past Edinburgh. That was a good day.

R13: Given the recent floods at Glastonbury, how would The Features deal with mud and floods at a festival?
MP: Play and get out. That's probably what we would do. We're not too fond of outdoor shows; they're not a very good environment for rock music. I don't think it translates too well.

R13: Would it be easy to say that the band have no summer festival plans?
MP: No, after this tour we are going home to start work on the next record.

Having just released their debut album, the band are keen to carry on working and hope their next record finds favour as much as their current one.