Kyono of The Mad Capsule Markets lets Room Thirteen know what he's up to by email after their fantastic set at Download 2005.

Room Thirteen: Your music is something that can't really be labelled easily. What benefits does this have? What problems does this cause?
Kyono: I don't think it's fun if all the bands sound alike. It's more interesting and worthwhile if we try something only we can do and create our own sound. If we do it at all, we want to be one and only.

I don't know if it's considered as a benefit, but it's always nice to have freedom to create and enjoy our own sound. I always want to put myself in an environment where is no limitation on a variety of challenging, new things. Not being categorized or labelled are what the band aims for, too. The only problem I could think of is that it's tough to express our sound in a single phrase.

R13: You've played with some big names in the West, such as Fear Factory. What's this like compared to your own headlining tours in Japan?
K: Both playing with some big names and playing for our own headlining tour in Japan are important for me, so I wouldn’t compare. I daresay that I gain my motivation, feel the stance and sound of those bands by playing with them. There's a lot to learn from them. It's still the same how I play in live for both cases, though.

R13: Out of the bands you've toured with, which has had the most effect on your live performances?
K: The strongest experience was for me to play with Rage Against The Machine in Japan, though I'm not sure if it gave the direct effect to our performance. I also received a powerful stimulus from the heavy bands like Slipknot at the festivals.

R13: Whenever bands from the UK tour Japan, they always talk about how fantastic the difference in culture is. Do you think the same when you're touring over here, or are you more used to the western way of life?
K: Having some multi-cultural parts in Japan, I think it's natural for us to take the Western culture into our daily lives. When I actually visit UK, however, I pick up on the atmosphere of European culture from the cityscape and landscape. I also feel the old history from the buildings. Even a small difference like the colour of leaves (green) or the weather give me a good stimulus.

R13: What three Japanese bands should R13 readers be listening to?
K: The Mad Capsule Markets, Wrench, Balzac.

R13: What three bands, from elsewhere in the world, should R13 readers be listening to?
K: System Of A Down, Slipknot, Rage Against The Machine

R13: How did it feel to be playing on the main stage in Donington Park?
K: Great! I wanted to play more! I got the kick out of the enthusiastic cheers from the audience more than anything. You guys are so fuckin' great!

R13: How did the set go and did you feel there were any major problems such as sound?
K: Not easy to keep everything in order and expect the perfection without rehearsals, but I was aware that everybody did their best in the same situation. It wasn't that hard, not like I couldn't sing or anything. I just gave the best shot, and was satisfied.

R13: What are your plans for the next few months? Are you going to be album writing, or touring in preparation for the 'Best Of' album that's meant to be released?
K: We will perform at Summer Sonic (Japanese festival) in August, then start working on the new materials.

R13: If you were forced to pick, which three of your albums would you say were the best?
K: OSC-DIS (Oscillator In Distortion), 010, CiSTm K0nFLiqT…

R13: As a Japanese band, is it difficult to break into new countries because of the language barrier? Does having a translator put journalists off asking you more difficult questions?
K: Sometimes I receive some difficult questions, so I guess it depends on the journalists and doesn't matter so much. I believe the music could go beyond the language barrier. It's important and meaningful for me to get out and challenge. Above all, I have the dream to be recognized (accepted) by the world.

R13: Where do you see your band in 10 years time?
K: I don't know exactly how it would be like at this point. I can't even imagine. At the same time, that's the fun part of it. All I can say is that I want to enhance my activities in a lot of ways and branch out more as an artist to be fulfilled.

R13: ...and finally, given the choice, where would you rather go out on a Saturday night- a strip club or an ice rink?
K: Club, of course. With booze and favorite music! I don't have the option to go to an ice rink on Sat. night anyway.