Keith Buckley, vocalist of hardcore group Every Time I Die talks about maybe not surviving the 'Under The Gun' tour.

R13:So the last time Room Thirteen interviewed the band was just after Download, about a month and a half ago...
KB:Oh yeah?
R13:But there's been some changes - a new bass player?
KB:Chris Byrnes. Right from Nora, we stole him from our friends. We're putting him to work and he's awesome.
R13:What happened with the last guy?
KB:The last guy, it doesn't matter. He just had a different personality than we would have liked, than we thought he had. He didn't gel with most of us and we didn't get along with him.
R13:Did it end with a lot of arguments?
KB:No, not really. Yeah, I mean there were lots in the recording process, then it ended and everyone understood why.
R13:You have also been asked to write a monthly article for Rocksound...
KB:Yeah I got that going too. It's cool. I don't have a stock of stuff to send them, I'm writing every month, it's an opportunity to keep writing and it's fun.
R13:Have you done anything like it before?
KB:No, never. All new.

R13:The new album 'Gutter Phenomenon' hits the shops later this month. You recorded a couple of tracks with some guest stars?
KB:It does have some cameos, Gerald [Way - My Chemical Romance] and Daryl [Palumbo - Head Automatica]. They're friends of mine. We toured with My Chemical Romance a few years ago before they were huge and Daryl grew up with everybody on Long Island. We've know him since he was seventeen and he moved into the city with a friend.

R13:The video for the first single release 'Kill The Music' promised 'Lions, tigers and Michael Madsen', have you delivered the goods?
KB:We got them all. They're all there.
R13:So can you explain the storyline?
KB:The storyline is that Michael Madsen is directing and it looks like a pop/boyband video then Jordan accidently trips on set. You see Michael Madsen with a lion and tiger next to him and he's got a whip. He comes on and beats up Jordan for ruining the video. They smash his guitar and then he walks off.
R13:Were there any injuries?
KB:We weren't allowed to go near the lions and tigers. Jordan was injured when Michael Madsen beat him up though, pretty bad. We needed Madsen to beat him up so Jordan called him names and stuff and got him all rattled up.

R13:This is just the start of a massive tour schedule ahead of you. Have you got any top tips for surviving life on tour?
KB:Oh my god. I don't even know because I am not surviving. Feel terrible, napping, feel sick. Probably, don't drink so much anymore, I'm being a fuckin' old fart. So if I keep doing this I need more tolerance for drink because it's killing me.

R13:The band are quite well known for their tendency to start fights, so when was the last scuffle?
KB:Lately? We got in a fight outside a bar in New York City when we were there hanging out. Adam and Jordan got arrested and I started it.

R13:What's your favourite possession?
R13:No, no, possession...
KB:I don't know. Let me think about this. I don't have anything I bring on the tour bus with me. Everything I bring I don't care about because I'm going to lose it. All the stuff I like is at home. Right now it's probably a computer but that's so stupid to say. I wish I had something interesting to say like something old.
R13:Are you missing anything from home?
KB:Oh my god, my dog. She's the best and I just haven't seen her for a while. I was just having a dream about her.

R13:Every Time I Die have been touring for years now, in that time have you been disppointed by meeting any of your idols?
KB:I met Scott Weiland from Velvet Revolver at the Download festival, he was just like wierd, he was creepy. I knew he'd be like a rock star, celebrity, but he was really creepy and that was a disappointment.
R13:Did you talk to him?
KB:Kind of, yeah. I wanted to take a picture. He gave me the run around 'I really want you to take a picture of me but I don't wanna like have a line of people taking pictures.' So I was like 'alright then, forget it.' He said 'No man, like I want you to so let's do it.' I'm like 'What are you talking about? Like can I or not?!' He was being such a creep.

R13:So what's next for Every Time I Die?
KB:Another tour after this with High on Fire in the US, then head back here with My Chemical Romance in November for the UK.
R13:That sounds like you have a pretty heavy schedule?
KB:Yeah, we do. But such is life, sneaking naps while you can.

The new album Gutter Phenomenon is released on the 23rd August. The remaining dates for the Under The Gun tour can be found here.