Currently on a UK tour to promote their forthcoming album 'Howl Howl Gaff Gaff', Shout Out Louds found themselves in Glasgow. Adam (vocals), Carl (guitar) and Bebben (Keyboards) took time to chat with Room Thirteen about the excitement of it all.

R13:How is the UK tour going so far?
C: It's alright. We've been playing for the first time in some places and playing some other places again. It feels like when we first started in Sweden. We have had small crowds but when you come back you see it becoming bigger and bigger. The same thing happened in America as well. This feels like it's our own lap. So it feels very small but very good. The first time we played people would say we like you but now they are coming back and saying we really like your music.

R13:You have played with a lot of acts who have made a breakthrough this year (Futureheads, Dears, Kings of Leon, Magic Numbers), how have you found these shows?
A: We like all the bands we tour with, otherwise we wouldn't tour with them.
B: It's been good to enjoy playing with other bands.
C: The crowds have been different. Like for the Magic Numbers, the crowds were cheering from the first song and very into it. And when we toured with the Futureheads in the US, the crowd were all wearing Doctor Martens and not the same type of crowd.

R13:Your band name, who came up with it?
A: We had elements of it in the lyrics and we used wolves on flyers and demo cds, and we felt as though the wolves were howling and shouting. We just felt it came well together and seemed to make sense.

R13:The UK release is a collection of your tracks, as opposed to your Scandinavian record. What was the thinking behind this?
A: We had a chance to make it different. The Scandinavian album was out two years ago and we have a new EP. Some of the newer songs had a different sound, the band was playing better and we had worked with different producers, so we wanted some of these tracks on the album. So it was a chance with the international release to show our new fans how we sound. It also keeps us more excited.

R13:Any plans for the follow up record?
A: We have plans and talk about the new record every day. Our time now is obviously touring but we go back to rehearse in two weeks and we hope to get back to the studio after Christmas.

R13:Given the popularity of the Ratatat remix of your current single, what is your opinion on remixes?
A: It's more of a fun way to revisit songs. We just like doing them, it's not as if we are going after the House audience. I think it's good to try and make a different song from your music and I like when we can be more creative.

R13:Who would you list as your influences?
C: Belle and Sebastian, The Beach Boys.
B: The hard thing to say is because we are all 5 different people and we all like different bands and it's not as if there was one band that brought us together. Bands we listen to on our own may not be a band influence.
A: When we first started, we would all just play and take it from there. It was never a project; it was a band about friendship. Especially in the beginning we were making everything by ourselves. It was never like we had a record deal with record companies saying play this.
B: Things just worked out the way they did.
A: Yeah, it was an interesting way to be friends and spend time with each other; there are so many bands that aren't.

R13: We are seeing the last of the summer in the UK at the moment and a good way to enjoy it is with an ice-cream. What is your favourite ice cream?
C:Mine would be a Swedish ice-cream. It's called Paronsplitt.
B:It has a pear flavouring to it.
A:It would be so good if you could buy it in the big packs.
C:You can.
A: Oh, great. It comes on a stick as well.
B: I like Rocky Road ice-cream.
A: I like an Italian ice cream called Crema. It is more eggy than other ice-creams.

R13: To end the interview, what advice would you like to shout out loud to the world?
B:Don't listen to what other people say.
A: Yeah that, say no and form a band.