Jake from Manntis took time out from the bands busy US tour schedule to talk to R13. We get to know a little more about the music world they live in, the band's line up changes and their appearance on the Battle for Ozzfest TV show.

R13: How are you finding the line up changes?
J: The line up changes have added a new energy to the band that is a welcome return. They have both jumped in and taken their spots as if they have always been there.

R13: What do the new members bring to the band that may not have already been there?
J: A different point of view and their own playing styles, which mesh with Adair, Clint and myself perfectly.

R13: If you had to describe your music to somebody who had never heard it, what would you say?
J: The most loud explosive piece of metal bla bla bla…I would say check out the CD and decide for yourself.

R13: Will the line up changes mean any change in your sound?
J: No change, but it means a more focused and precise sound.

R13: Who was it that inspired you to make music?
J: I was always drawn to go see live music, and it was that energy between the bands I would see and the crowd that made me want to create for myself. I guess Strife had a lot to do with my desire to be on stage screaming.

R13: What did Cameron Webb bring to the party as producer of your album?
J: An excellent ear for our music. He took a good amount of time with me helping me get the vocals just right.

R13: Who would you most like to work with on future projects?
J: I would love to work with Cameron again, but also Ross Robinson.

R13: What did you learn about the music business from being on the Battle for Ozzfest MTV show?
J: I actually didn’t learn anything about the music business from the TV show itself. I did however get to meet a lot of people in the business who have then in turn taught me about the industry.

R13: How do you respond to those who may knock you because you benefited from the exposure of a hit TV show?
J: Don’t knock us until you see us live. You really need to give the album and us live a chance first.

R13: You’re on a pretty long US tour at the moment, when might we see you in the UK?
J: Hopefully very soon. We’ve been trying to plan a trip to the UK for a while now. We’ll be there soon enough.

R13: If you could do a gig anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
J: The Great Western Forum in LA, because that is where we saw all the big metal shows when we were younger. Wibley Stadium is the other huge venue we are dying to play.

R13: What home comforts do you miss when on the road?
J: My girl and my dog.

R13: Whose music are you loving right now?
J: Thanks to our new drummer Josh Feathers, we’ve been listening to a lot of Motley Crue. The New Darkest Hour is amazing; The Black Dahlia Murder is out of control and Metallica’s “And Justice for All”.

R13: What would you like to achieve as a band over the next five years?
J:Global dominance, a full US Slayer tour and Ozzfest 2006…or 07…or 08.

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